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Enipeas Canyon hike

<p><strong>Guided Day hike on the foothills of Olympus!</strong></p> <p>A great day hiking in Enipeas gorge were you will have the opportunity to experience the unique natural beauty of the lower Olympus area. The dense vegitation and the hearing of the flowing water on the way calms you down and prepares you for this fantastic journey.</p> <p>We will cross the Enipeas river several times through little wooden bridges and have the opportunity to refresh ourselves in the crystal clear ponds. Our path leads us just outside the historical St. Dionysus monastery and a unique chapel build in a cave and we will visit them both for a short tour and some rest.</p> <p>The total hike is around 6-hours and covers a distance of 10km with elevation gain of 800m. The starting point is Litochoro village and finish is Prionia area where our van will wait to return us to Litochoro.</p> <p>The opposite direction Prionia-Litochoro, with mostly downhill is also possible and if you would like shorter distance to suit your time and abilities.</p> <p>Transporation from Thessaloniki and back can be arranged at extra cost.</p>

Offer valid until: 1 décembre 2023

Sifnos Hiking and Holidays

<strong>8-day hiking in the beautiful Sifnos</strong><p><br></p><p>Be part of o small group of hikers, walk with us around the Cycladic island of Sifnos and explore more than 150 kilometers of footpaths. Wandering in the western part of the island features a 20 acre area that is part of the European network of natural protected Areas “Natura 2000” home to various plants and animals. History buffs can enjoy the spectacular beauty of a Sifnos Venetian castle, or explore the Acropolis of Agios Andreas archeological site that dates back to pre-historic Mycenaean times. Based in the stunning village of Apollonia, in the center of Sifnos you will walk through ancient paths and trails, taking in the amazing coastal sceneries and outstanding landscapes, with natural beauty. Your local guide, Anna, will take you to quite villages of snow-white houses and to paved and unpaved paths that lead to hundreds of chapels, ancient towers, abandoned mines, to mountain peaks with breathtaking views and to untouched beaches with crystal clear waters.</p>

Offer valid until: 30 juin 2022

Mt. Olympus 3-day

<p><strong>Day 1: Ascend to Refuge A!</strong></p><p>We meet at the town center of Litochoro at 10:00 am. After our short welcome we transfer you to the hiking startpoint of Prionia. We start our ascend on the famous international E4 path up to Refuge A. This is typically a 3-hour hike, but we take our time for more frequent stops to rest and enjoy the nature and stunning views. We reach Refuge A at noon where we enjoy our dinner and relax with a glass of wine. There is a wi-fi connection available here so you share your first pictures and talk to your beloved one.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Day 2: Peak or Summit day and Muses Plateau</strong></p><p>The wake up call is at 8am. We take our time and enjoy our breakfast at the hut. The schedule today is to visit the Skolio peak at 2911m. Skolio is the second highest peak of Olympus and only 8m shorter from the summit Mytikas. The views from the top is just stunning. Skolio is reached by hike alone. If you have booked alternatively to attempt the summit Mytikas, the ascend will require scrambling up the gully for a distance of 300m and elevation of 200m. You will use climbing safety equipment: helmet, harness and rope under the instructions of our experienced guides. Taking your safety as our priority, snow covered and wet slippery sections towards Mytikas or just too much visitor traffic that could increase chance of injury will prevent us from summiting. After reaching one of the peaks we head through Zonaria traverse to the Muses Plateau, where we stay overnight at a mountain hut. At this point you have already started feeling the unique energy of this mountain. Enjoying your dinner with the imposing view of Throne of Zeus under the starry nightsky is a once in a lifetime experience.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Day 3: Descend to Gortsia</strong></p><p>Today we start our descend back to the base but we choose an alternative route so you can experience the most of Olympus. The Laimos ridgeline is the highlight with breathtaking views in all directions. We make a stop at Petrostrouga refuge for a light lunch. Leaving the alpine zone we enter th dense forest of beech and fir that leads us to the end of the route at Gortsia area. From there we transfer you down to Litochoro.</p><p><br></p>

Offer valid until: 1 novembre 2023