Exanthia Villas Lefkada



Our decision to create Exanthia Villas in our beloved island of Lefkas, in the village where we grew up and spent all the summers of our lives, aims at making your own holidays dreamy! The idyllic scenery, which combines the spectacular view of the cerulean Ionian waters with the serenity of nature and the quietness of the countryside, will offer you moments of relaxation and carelessness. With your family or friends, with or without kids, Exanthia Villas is the ideal destination. The simplicity and the aesthetic quality of our apartments, blending in with surroundings of insouciance as well as the delicate fragrance of the flowers will rejuvenate you! The calmness of havng your breakfast in the balcony, the refreshing dive in the pool at noon, the breathtaking sunset in the afternoon or the breeze as evening falls; any time of the day you prefer, Exanthia villas will be an unforgettable experience and the best opportunity for you to discover the spirit of Greek Philoxenia (hospitality)!



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