Lefkada Micro Farm




The land has belonged to our family for about a century. Our grandfather planted the 60 trees of our olive grove. The land was abandoned for 30 years before Lefkada Micro Farm project brought it back to life.


We produce Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Vegetables. We have visitors from all over the world. We entertain and educate through our tastings, cooking classes and private dining sessions.


We work methodically to produce food of the highest quality. We aim to inspire our visitors to get closer to nature, real food and simple living through original interactive experiences.

The micro-farmer

Hi, I am Andreas! I grew up in the city of Athens. I have a BA in Tourism Management. I’m a traveller and a foodie. I started faming as a hobby in 2020. I’ve never looked back since then. Lefkada Micro Farm was my dream and now is my way of life.

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