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The Corfu experience is a travel agency that gets you beneath the skin of the Corfiot culture. Having gathered the best things one can do in Corfu, seeking authenticity and pleasure, we created the best thematic private tours. We are committed to provide unique thematic tours that can wake up the senses, boost the mind and cultivate the heart of any sophisticated traveller visiting Corfu island.

Enjoy authentic, personal experiences

Every Corfiot experience is composed by a professional team of people with deep knowledge of the island's culture, gastronomy and historical heritage. Having found the hidden ‘’diamonds’’ of every place with local expertise and passion we have gathered the best things one can do in Corfu, seeking authenticity, pleasure and privacy.

Planning The Corfu Experience, is based on the goal and the strong belief that it is not enough for the visitor just to get to know the basic and most popular attractions of the Corfu island. The memory can record the experiences along with the simultaneous participation of emotions and senses; therefore, what is most important is to feel the local energy. It is not experience just read about a Corfiot tradition but real experience is to understand the reason for its existence. It is not enough just to pass from here. What is worth is to live like a local, as long as you are here!

We choose the locations and the people very carefully and compose for you an authentic ‘’mosaic’’ of real life experiences in order to host you and take care of you exactly like a local. We guarantee that all your experiences will be followed by top comfort, safety and 5 star services. Just choose the experiences of your preference, the most suitable ones to your taste and needs, and live through them, be a part of them, live like a local! No matter what you choose, it will definitely become your own experience, always accompanied by the highest standards of quality, luxury, comfort and safety. Become the protagonists of lifetime experiences following the simplest way: just live Corfu it to the fullest!

With a high level of professionalism, having planned in detail the most unique, adventurous and joyful biomatic activities, we welcome you to The Corfu Experience and promise you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!


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Luxury Private Yacht Cruise to Paxos, Antipaxos & Blue Caves, the Jewels of the Ionian Sea

<p>While in Corfu, don’t miss the chance to visit the beautiful neighboring islands of Paxos and Antipaxos the undisputed hidden gems of the Ionian Sea. Paxos Island is one of the smallest in the Ionian group of islands but one of the prettiest and loveliest. If you are on luxury holidays chartering luxury yachts, this small island should be on your list. Paxos is small enough for tourists to take a tour of the whole island and yet very unexploited from mass tourism so is a very nice place to visit with a private yacht. On this fascinating cruise, we will discover the world-famous <strong>Blue Caves</strong>, visit the tiny, unspoiled island of Paxos and swim in the irresistible <strong>turquoise waters of Antipaxos</strong>!</p><p><br></p><p>Join us on a day private cruise to discover the “hidden gems” ofthe Ionian coastline, explore the island’s secrets, observe magical locations, have fun and enjoy of course a pleasant day accompanied by the sun and the sea!</p>

Offer valid until: 30 Novembre 2023

Private tour to the most Instagrammable sights of Corfu + Lunch

<p>You can already imagine your Instagram stream… all those Ionian blues and greens, your dream beaches, villages and people, and this selected sunset that you know will make it to your Highlights. There is so much to this magical Ionian island that you will want to share with the world. Make everyone jealous on social media do not miss the following destinations for Instagram!</p>

Offer valid until: 30 Novembre 2022

The folklore traditions in the villages of middle Corfu

<p>Corfu Folklore Private Tour: Through tours of villages and folklore museums as well as narrations, pictures, items, and personal testimonies of older people, we will discover the life of Corfiot’s over the last centuries.</p><p><br></p><p>Which were the occupations and jobs of Corfiot people? How were their homes and their traditional costumes? Which were their habits and traditions, and which have been maintained till nowadays and integrated into the contemporary way of life? Find the answers through this unique <strong>Corfu Folklore Private Tour</strong>.</p><p><br></p><p>Even today, that the island of Corfu has been affected by the intense tourism, there are still villages, museums, associations, and intellectual people that keep the traditions, folklore and history of their hometown alive.</p><p><br></p><p>Driving to the middle of Corfu through some really <strong>quaint villages</strong>, we will find out the adherence of people to old traditions and habits of their village, despite the fact that most of the island’s places have integrated the contemporary way of life into their own, due to mass tourism.</p><p><br></p><p>The architecture of all the houses resembles the typical <strong>architecture of Corfu</strong>, each house has been constructed very close to another, in different colors, while at the root cellars oil, wine, cheese is being stored for the next year. We will wander through the lovely alleyways of each village, discovering real gems, old churches with magnificent bell towers, amazing, paved squares, quaint coffee houses or abandoned mansions, traditional wood stoves, old and abandoned oil presses, or wells which still locals get water out of with a bucket, in order to water their gardens and plants.</p><p><br></p><p>Let’s become acquainted with those people and talk with them, so that they help us discover the past and <strong>culture of the places in the countryside</strong> of Corfu, learn about the life of past generations and be amazed with the simple, authentic life and ingenuity of our ancestors.</p><p><br></p><p>Feel like a common farmer during the 18th century, plowing fields with animals and pruning olive trees with makeshift tools or like a common housewife weaving carpets on her loom and cooking, using wooden utensils.</p><p><br></p><p>We invite you to experience a different day, full of emotions, knowledge, and much agriculture of an old, charming era with the Corfu Folklore Private Tour “The folklore traditions in the villages of middle Corfu”.</p>

Offer valid until: 1 Novembre 2023

Food Scenic Tour - Taste Corfu's culinary "treasures"

<p>The island of Corfu, apart from its incomparable natural beauty and imposing historical monuments, is famous for its famous local products. Pure local products, foreign influences and local culture are some of the elements that were combined to create the “delicious treasures” of Corfu. Within a few hours you will have the chance accompanied by our local food expert guide to meet the local producers and taste most of the pure and authentic delicacies of Corfu Island.</p><p><br></p><p>Experience this gastronomy tour with us you‘ll be able to taste this amazing products at their best version!</p><p>During our tour you will observe the olive, the wine, the ginger beer and the kumquat production and learn the secrets of the finest quality of the extra virgin olive oil and many more. Later on through a fantastic tour around picturesque villages we will stop at a traditional café in order to try the famous Greek coffee and local snacks.</p><p>We will also visit a local distillery in a traditional village where they will give you an idea of how the local products are made such as the kumquat and then the tasting will follow…</p><p>Our last stop will be the at a local greek tavern where we will realize what authentic Corfiot food means. Incredible flavors, aromas and traditional recipes will be waiting for you under the shade of the pine trees. This traditional lunch will introduce you to many elements of Corfiot cuisine and gastronomy. The sure is that until the end of this trip your tasting memory will be definitely increased… Do not forget that the locals say that taste is the best of our senses…</p><p>Live with us a memorable tasting day by exploring the culinary treasures of Corfu!</p>

Offer valid until: 30 Novembre 2023

Luxury Private Sea Tour, Enjoy Sailing on the Eastern Corfu Coastline

<p>Corfu, the largest island of the Ionian Sea, includes a huge and beautiful coastline, which is looking forward for you to explore it. You will be meeting exotic landscapes, paradise beaches and hidden places, picturesque harbors and beautiful fishing villages, sea caves, lush nature that almost reaches the sea, crystal clear blue waters and unique landscapes that create a fairytale experience.</p><p><br></p><p>Join us on a day private cruise to discover the “hidden gems” of Ionian coastline, to explore the island’s secrets, to observe magical locations, to have fun and enjoy of course a pleasant day accompanied by the sun and the sea!</p>

Offer valid until: 30 Novembre 2023

Luxury Private Sunset Cruise with Cocktails

<p>Leave your thoughts back to earth and grab your swimsuit. Sun, amazing sunset colors, relaxing music, and the Mediterranean Ionian Sea are waiting for you. Take a day off from the history of the city and let a wonderful cruising journey begin….</p><p><br></p><p>Join this amazing half-day cruise to the beautiful coastline of Corfu, and snorkel in turquoise water, jump from high cliffs, or just relax with a local cocktail. This cruise has been tailored for guests who don’t want to spend a full day at sea. You will take delight in the sun, the sea and the fresh air by choosing a half-day afternoon cruise and you will be entranced by the unique colors of the famous sunset of Corfu. Amazing tuned on board will accompany you on a spectacular sunset across the iconic coastline.</p><p><br></p><p>You will enjoy quality snacking on board local spirits and unlimited cocktails on board too. Please note that we will organize your transfer from and to your hotel, which is included in the price of the private boat tour.</p>

Offer valid until: 30 Novembre 2023