Zagori & Konitsa 5 Days Private e-bike Tour


This e-bike trip is the best choice for anyone who wants to get to know the region of Zagorochoria and Konitsa by cycling in unique and rare landscapes. On this excursion we get to know the rich history of Zagori and the unspoiled Konitsa in the best possible way. We visit the most picturesque, well-known and unknown, traditional villages of the region by electric bike and taste the authentic flavors of the local food and drinks. We encounter fantastic landscapes with wild mountains, stone bridges that have stood proudly for years. We go on short hikes on beautiful and historical trails within the Vikos-Aoos National Park and we have the opportunity to swim in crystal clear rivers and waterfalls. And of course, we could not miss the highlight of the area, the deepest canyon in the world, the Vikos canyon.

We do believe that the best way for someone to get to know an area is by bicycle and for this reason we have prepared, perhaps, the most complete excursion in the area of ​​​​Zagori and Konitsa. We are more than sure that with our electric bikes this trip will be unforgettable, it will take you back in time many years and you will also love our culture and our place.

Source: Bikewise - Let's Cycle in Greece


1st day

Our excursion starts at Dilofo; a beautiful and traditional village of the area. Meeting in the village and after the necessary informative instructions, we start our route. Our first short stop after 10 minutes at Kokoris bridge, the most photographed bridge – a trademark – of the area. Then we head for Kapesovo, the quiet village with its beautiful stone houses and cobbled streets, where we have a short tour of the village on foot, passing the famous Paschalio school, once the largest school in the village with its rich library. After leaving Kapesovo, we cycle uphill to the highest village of Zagori, Vrateto.The “climb” seems demanding, but thanks to our electric bikes, we enjoy a literally unique view favored by most visitors. We arrive at Vrateto, where we have the opportunity to drink coffee in the village. Then, we leave the bikes behind to start an easy half-hour hike to the best spot (Beloi viewpoint), where we can admire the unique Vikos Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world in terms of length-width-height. After taking the necessary photos and admiring the magnificence of nature, we return to Vradeto to have lunch in the village square.Then, we say goodbye to the village and get ready to walk the historic “Staircase of Vradeto”, with over 1200 steps, the construction of which took about 20 years. The unique architecture of this stone path while listening to the rich history that lies behind it will amase you. We reach the opposite side of Kapesovo, where we find our bikes again and ride for the last 20 minutes (approximately) to Tsepelovo, where we spend the night. Check in at the hotel. In the evening dinner at a local tavern. Overnight.

2nd day

Breakfast at the hotel and we say goodbye to Tsepelovo. We get on the electric bikes and set out for a beautiful route to the waterfalls of Iliochori. After passing the village of Skamneli, the landscape changes completely. In a wonderful green route, we continue for about an hour, until “Gyftokambos” and “Sarakatsaniki Stani”, a unique open-air museum with the local “konakia”, representing the old way of life of the Sarakatsani herders-nomads. Here, we make a half-hour stop for our guided tour of the nomads’ huts.Then, we leave Sarakatsaniki Stani and get on the electric bikes for about half an hour to the village of Iliohori. There, we leave the bikes and walk 1km downhill to the village waterfalls, a “hidden paradise”, where you will not be able to resist a dip in its cool turquoise waters. After the necessary snacks and drinks, we climb up to meet our bikes again and depart for our delicious picnic of traditional pies and other home-made local delicacies.After the picnic, we have the last cycling part of the day left and we reach the last village of Zagori, the beautiful Vrysochori. Check in at our guesthouse. In the evening we eat homemade food and sweets in the small cafe-restaurant of the village while listening to local stories from the few local residents of the village. Overnight.

3rd day

We find ourselves in Vrysochori in the morning. Our current route from here on is different compared to the area of ​​Zagori. Today for most of the route we will enjoy the amazing view of the ridges of Tymfi. After having breakfast while admiring the wonderful view of the peak of Tsuka Rosa and the other peaks in front of us, we depart for Konitsa. After about 15 minutes, we come across the Aoos River, one of the few remaining free-flowing rivers in Europe. A short stop at the river and we depart for Paleoseli.Arriving in the village, we make a short stop at the church of Agia Paraskevi with its characteristic inclination (2 degrees less than the Leaning Tower of Pisa) and continue for about 15 minutes to the village of Elefthero, where we have lunch in the village tavern. We have about an hour and a half left to Konitsa on a wonderful route through a wooded area with fantastic landscapes. Arrival in the city of Konitsa, where we will spend the night. Check in at the hotel. It is worth going for a walk to and over the characteristic stone bridge of Konitsa. We finish our day with lunch at a local tavern with traditional food. Overnight.

4th day

On the 4th day we have our breakfast in Konitsa and prepare for our departure to the unique village of Zagori, Papigo. Today the route is completely different from the previous ones. The place of dense forests, mountain villages and high peaks changes and the plain of Konitsa, the mountains of Southern Albania and the Aoos river which joins with the Voidomatis just before flowing into the Adriatic sea appear. We say goodbye to the beautiful town of Konitsa and after cycling for about 30 minutes, we arrive in the area of ​​”Bourazani”.Here we make a short stop to see the watermill of the area and see up close the washing method that some locals still use today for their clothes and carpets without the use of detergent. Then we continue with the electric bikes for about an hour on one of the most beautiful routes in the area, as the view before us is unique. The plain of Konitsa and the gorge of the Aoos river, the point where the Voidomatis joins the Aoos as well as the Vikos gorge and the rocky towers of Astraka will surely captivate you.We now re-enter the area of ​​Zagori, we pass the village of Aristi and we have 10 minutes left for the long stop and the picnic next to the Voidomatis river, one of the cleanest and coldest rivers in Europe. A dip in the turquoise waters of the river will surely be unforgettable and will refresh you. About 45 minutes left on a unique route to Papigo. Arrival in the village and check-in at the hotel. Dinner in the village tavern. Overnight.

5th day

We planned our excursion so that the last day is quite relaxing and you can enjoy Papigo, one of the largest and most beautiful villages of Zagori. After breakfast, we take a short walk along the stone cobblestones of the village and towards the famous natural swimming pools of the area. Return to the village and move towards Dilofo.

Source: Bikewise - Let's Cycle in Greece


Dilofo - Stone Bridge of Kokoris/Nοutsou - Kapesovo - Skala Vratetou - Vradeto - Beloi viepoint - Vikos Gorge - Tsepelovo - Gyftokambos - Sarakatsaniki Stani - Iliochori - Balta di Stringa - Vrysochori - Mt.Smolikas - Mt.Tymfi Ridge - the Aoos river - Palioseli - Agia Paraskevi church - Konitsa - Papigko - The Voidomatis river - Papigko rock pool

Source: Bikewise - Let's Cycle in Greece

Additional Information


  • E-bike CUBE Touring Hybrid ONE 500 or GIANT Talon E+ 3 29
  • Helmet, water bottle (windproof, waterproof, bike bag and additional cycling equipment)
  • 4 lunches in local restaurants and tavernas
  • 4 dinners in the village tavernas
  • 2 picnic with local products
  • 4 overnights stay and breakfasts in a double room in local guesthouses/hotels
  • Certified local bike guides
  • An accompanying-support vehicle with a host guide during the entire tour
  • Traveler's insurance
  • VAT

Not included

  • Transfer from and to airports (or bus stations)
  • Transfer to the departure point
  • Overnight stays before and after the tour
  • Buying traditional beverages and souvenirs in the area
  • Extra meals and drinks apart from the meals included in the tour program
Source: Bikewise - Let's Cycle in Greece


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