Private Mykonos Catamaran Sailing Cruise to South Beaches


  • Discover the Mykonian southern coastline and witness the exquisite beauty of the island from the comfort of a luxurious catamaran.
  • Witness the liveliness of the renowned beaches and dive into the robin’s-egg-blue waters of the Aegean bays.
  • Enjoy delicious Greek snacks and refreshments available throughout your journey on the private Mykonos catamaran sailing cruise.
  • Set foot on the world-famous and cosmopolitan beach, Paradise, blend in with the cheerful partying atmosphere, have fun and let yourself free while dancing and living the moment.
Source: Dolphin Navigation Mykonos Luxury Cruises


Go for the ultimate sailing experience with the Mykonos catamaran sailing cruise and pamper yourself with a ride across the Mykonian southern coastline known for its extraordinary, fancy, and cosmopolitan beaches. Explore best-known beaches, sunbathe next to celebrities, swim in the azure Aegean waters, and capture the breathtaking views unfolding before your eyes on your Mykonos sailing day trip.

Set foot on the lively and glamourous beaches in Psarou, Paradise, and Super Paradise enjoy yourself with family or friends dancing to the careless summer vibes, quaff the refreshing cocktails served by the best bartenders and be part of an unforgettable Mykonian experience. Sail through the extraordinary Aegean waters, feast on the mouthful Greek delicacies served on board, and capture the cheerful summer moments spent on the Mykonos catamaran sailing cruise.

Source: Dolphin Navigation Mykonos Luxury Cruises


Start the Mykonos catamaran sailing cruise

Board the vessel, meet the captain and his welcoming crew, make yourself at home, and set sail to discover the exquisite bays of southern Mykonos.

Set your eyes on Agios Ioannis beach.

Wave Mykonos’s new port goodbye, sail past the southwest bays of Agios Ioannis beach, and feel the kiss of the Aegean breeze touching you lightly with the private Mykonos sailing day trip.

Explore the fancy and exclusive beaches Ornos and Psarou.

Make your first stop at the fabled yet family-friendly Ormos beach and enjoy crystalline waters before you take off to the world-famous Psarou beach. Find yourself surrounded by celebrities from all over the world while basking in the warm Mykonian sunlight.

Visit Platys Gialos and Paraga beaches

Immerse yourself into the Mykonian beauty, unwind on the golden sands of Platys Gialos beach, and marvel at the endless blue view of the Aegean horizon. Pamper yourself with a drink and dive into the immaculate waters on Paraga beach.

Party in Paradise and Super Paradise Beaches

Board the vessel once again and fuel up with drinks and meze before you set foot on the trendiest Mykonos beaches, Paradise and Super Paradise. Get ready to feel the non-stop vibrant vibes of the island, dance to the DJ’s beats, and enjoy a swim in crystal clear waters. 

Source: Dolphin Navigation Mykonos Luxury Cruises

What's Included


  • Fuel and yacht
  • Captain and crew
  • Meal and drinks
  • Hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • Towels & jackets
  • Snorkeling gear
  • All fees and taxes
Source: Dolphin Navigation Mykonos Luxury Cruises

Additional Information

  • Vegetarian meal options available upon request
  • We advise you to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock
  • The sunset cruise takes the same route as the morning cruise 

Source: Dolphin Navigation Mykonos Luxury Cruises


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