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Create experiences. Built memories. Explore the most hidden corners of Greece through impressive trails, in places unique in the most famous mountains of the country but also in areas that only a few know. Swim in lakes, walk on the banks of rivers, cross the waters and pass 'flying' across. Get to know the emotions of the sea and experience what it can offer you, apart from a relaxing day at the beach.

Trekking Hellas is here to offer you unique experiences in nature and help you get to know Greece like you never imagined before. The choices are endless, as long as you are thirsty for discovery and action. Explore organized camps for children. Choose programs for all ages that include outdoor activities. Get in touch with the most important thing that our planet has to offer. Look inside you again.

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For 36 years now, Trekking Hellas has been organizing your unique experiences in nature, following the highest standards with the most experienced guides and local suppliers. Our vision is for as many people as possible to get in touch with theGreekcountryside and for us to contribute to its sustainable development by supporting local communities.


At Trekking Hellas there is an adventure for everyone.

Whether you live inGreeceor abroad, TREKKING HELLAS will guide you to its magical places, all seasons of the year. Enjoy outdoor activities like, rafting, monoraft, river trekking, canyoning, hiking, climbing, mountain bike, Jeep safari, orienteering, mountaineering, canoe-kayak, sea-kayak, sailing and zodiac safari. There are also special camping programs for children, in the most amazing places ofGreecesuch as Karpenisi, Pertouli, Helmos, Parnassos, Parnitha and Smolikas. Smaller excursions and parties are organized for schools and families.

Moreover TREKKING HELLAS organizes corporate events with adventure trips and outdoor activities.

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Delphi Ancient Olive Grove Tasting Workshop

<p>Participate in an Ancient Olive Grove Tasting Workshop and savor the taste of Delphi sacred lands!</p><p><br></p><p>Delphi valley hosts more than<strong>1,5 million olive trees</strong>. Some of them have lived for more than a 1000 years! In these sacred lands archaeologists discovered remains from ancient wild olive trees, proof that an olive grove existed here since antiquity. The valley is nowadays protected and listed as a<strong>worldwide unique landscape by UNESCO</strong>.</p><p><br></p><p>When the wind blows and the sun goes down behind the trees, the silver shimmering of the olive leaves creates the impression of melting with the color of the sea. French Archeologists have called the valley “La Mer des Oliviers”<strong>, “The Sea of Olive Trees”</strong>. Meet your guide at Delphi Camping a kilometer above Chrisso, a village of 300 people only 10’ driving from Delphi. The name of this village “Chrisso” means literally “Golden”, and since ever the locals are cultivating olives and producing olive oil, often described in Greece as liquid gold! You will participate in an olive oil tasting workshop with a spectacular view to Delphi valley and the sea!</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Our expert guide will explain all about olive culture and the transformation process to edible olives &amp; olive oil. You will taste different sorts of olives, virgin olive oil and olive tapenade from the awarded brand “Mer des Oliviers”.</strong>Ending the tour, you will have the opportunity to buy some goodies if you wish so.</p><p><br></p><strong>What's the meeting point &amp; time?</strong><p><strong>Meeting point</strong>: Delphi Camping, in Chrisso village, to view in map click<a>here</a>.</p><p><strong>Meeting time</strong></p><p>11:00<strong>-</strong>Morning activity</p><p>17:00- Afternoon activity</p>

Offer valid until: 15 Kasım 2023

Halkidiki: 2 Days Sea Kayak Diaporos Islands

<p>2 Days Sea Kayak Diaporos Islandsis a trip along the eastern side of the Sithonia peninsula is an unforgettable experience that offers almost everything: enchanting sunrises and sunsets, a pleasant paddling route, relaxation on beautiful shores, underwater life observation, swimming in emerald waters and tasting delicious food. Shores with high pines, beautiful and secluded beaches between the rocks – the ideal place for an adventure vacation that alternates between picturesque villages and the wild landscape.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 Ekim 2022

Meteora Rock Climbing for beginners or intermediate rock climbers!

<p>The imposing rocks of <strong>Meteora </strong>rise from the plains of Thessaly, just a few kilometers northwest of the town of <strong>Kalampaka</strong>. They surely are one of the most amazing places in <strong>Greece</strong>!</p><p><br></p><p>Experience <strong>rock climbing</strong> in one of the most popular climbing areas of the world, a true mecca for climbing enthusiasts. Top rope routes of 23m height recommended for beginners and intermediate level climbers gets us in contact with the famous rocks of <strong>Meteora </strong>in the most active way! Our professional climbing guides will provide to you a climbing course and guarantee the safest ways of rock climbing techniques.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 Aralık 2023

Rhodes: Sea kayaking tour for people with disabilities (private tour)

<p><strong>Sea kayaking tour for people with disabilities! </strong>Getting out in the sea gives people who depend on wheelchairs for mobility, newfound independence.</p><p><br></p><p>The sea kayaking tour in Rhodes is the most eco-way to discover the hidden treasures of the East Coast. It starts at Kathara beach in the south part of Faliraki bay.</p><p>Each participant with a disability will paddle in a double sea kayak with an experienced sea kayaking guide. A second guide will follow the route throughout the program.</p><p><br></p><p>After a small briefing by the experienced Trekking Hellas Guides, we will start paddling along the east coast, to the south. The route offers you the chance to discover two of the most popular bays of the island, Antony Quinn and Ladiko. While paddling, you can admire the rock formations and the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean. Then we will visit a sea cave known as the shelter of a seal called Katerina (by the locals) before finishing our excursion with local mezedes and a cold refreshment at the starting point next to the beach.</p><p><br></p><p>This activity is addressed to paddlers with one arm/leg, people with no leg mobility, people with limited trunk control, and their caregivers.</p><p><br></p><p>The secret about the paddle is the hinged mount, which supports the weight of the paddle, reducing joint stress and creating a smaller range of motion. Using a gentle rotary movement of the forearms (much like pedaling a bicycle with your hands), you’ll glide through the water with minimal effort.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 Ekim 2022

Rappelling on the rocks of Meteora

<p>We gather at Ntoupiani rock to get instructions on safety, techniques and the proper use of the equipment. We are now ready to rappel a 20-meter route, with the help of our guide.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>An easy activity that does not require previous experience.</strong></p>

Offer valid until: 31 Aralık 2023

Arcadia: River Trekking Neda

<p>River Trekking Neda is a guided day tour<strong>,</strong>out and around the only river in Greece with a female name.</p><p>Upon arrival to our designated meeting point, your guides will greet and give you your safety equipment. During the hike you willpass through stone bridges, narrow cliffs, underwater caves and impressive waterfalls. You will be walking along the riverbanks and inside the river. At some narrower parts you will also need to swim to pass through. The hike ends in a paradisiacal scenery, a magnificent waterfall creating natural river pools where we can swim completing our extraordinary experience. After such an exciting time we will enjoy a Greek homemade picnic with savory local products.A Trekking Hellas vehicle will transfer you back to your cars where we say goodbye full of great memories and scenery.</p>

Offer valid until: 31 Aralık 2023