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Vikos Gorge and Dragonlake

<strong>The best of Pindus on a 3-day trip</strong><p>The Zagori area is a unique morphology to Greece sculpted through the millennia by natural forces and nothing highlights this better than the Vikos Gorge and the alpine area of mount Tymfi where the Dragonlake is located. Hiking underneath the sheer walls for the gorge and ascending all the way to the Dragonlake is an experience not to be missed.</p><br>Vikos Gorge<p>This is the highlight of Pindus National Park being the deepest canyon in the world!</p><p>Hiking inside the steep sides of the gorge and through the dense forest offers a great experience for your bucket list. The gorge lies on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfi, and extends for 20km.</p><br>North Pindus<p>The Pindus National Park or Valia Calda is the largest in Greece and one of the most important in Europe. The 2000 sqkmoffers a vast hiking playground ideal to isolate and explore this wild and remote area of Europe.</p><p>Valia Calda borders the Vikos-Aoos National Park, which was established in 1973. This park includes the Vikos gorge as well as part of the Tymfi mountain range and a series of traditionally preserved settlements. It has also been named “Forest of the high peaks”, due to the steep and high peaks of the area, with the highest being that of Gamila (2,497 m.) in Tymfi. The area includes an extremely rare and sensitive ecosystem.</p><p>From easy day hikes to multi-day treks, Pindus offers plenty of choices to discover the beauty of this unique nature. One of the most popular routes is the Pindus Panorama, which takes in some of the best sights in the park, including the staggering Vikos Gorge and the beautiful villages of Zagori. However, there are also plenty of shorter routes that pass by pristine, gushing springs, ancient monasteries, and 18th-century mule trails.</p>

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Mt. Olympus 2-day

<p><strong>Day 1: Ascend to Muses Plateau!</strong></p><p>We welcome you to the town of Litochoro at 8:00am and we are transfered to Gortsia area at 1100m, which is the starting point of our hike. Our ascend passes through a marvellous dense forest of pine, beech and fir up to Petrostrouga refuge at 2000m. We make a stop for short rest to snack and refresh and also enjoy the spectacular view from the balcony. We continue our ascend towards Skourta and after the impressive crossing of Laimos ridgeline with breathtaking views in all directions, we arrive to Muses Plateau at 2650m. Here we call it a day and rest for the night in a cosy refuge. We enjoy a nice dinner with the view of the Throne of Zeus and the starry Greek summer night sky.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Day 2: Peak or summit day and return to Litochoro</strong></p><p>Today is a big day! We take a good breakfast and start early in the morning traversing from Zonaria area and passing just below the imposing Throne of Zeus. The schedule today is to visit the Skolio peak at 2911m. Skolio is the second highest peak of Olympus and only 8m shorter from the summit Mytikas. The views from the top is just stunning. Skolio is reached by hike alone. If you have booked alternatively to attempt the summit Mytikas, the ascend will require scrambling up the gully for a distance of 300m and elevation of 200m. You will use climbing safety equipment : helmet, harness and rope under the instructions of our experienced guides. Taking your safety as our priority, snow covered and wet slippery sections towards Mytikas or just too much visitor traffic that could increase chance of injury will prevent us from summiting. After reaching Skolio or Mytika, resting and enjoying the view, we start our descend around midday towards Refuge A. Here at 2100m altitude we make a stop forrest and a light lunch. From there we descend further to the base at Prionia area at 1000m altitude and we finish our hike at the afternoon.</p><p><br></p>

Offer valid until: 1 Novembre 2023