The entire Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Corfu Audio Walk 🎧 Landmarks and hidden gems of Corfu Old Town


Explore the fascinating history of Corfu on our mobile-friendly audio tour of the Old Town.
From cultural highlights that include the Old Fortress and the story behind Corfu’s musical gene to the foodie and artistic treats hidden in the alleyways of the UNESCO-protected Old Town, Corfu's rich history is revealed in a 4.3km walk, designed to be enjoyed in full or in part. 

  • Total distance: 4.3km
  • Estimated walking time (including audio): 3 hours
  • Number of stops: 27
  • Also available in Greek and German

Created by Discover Greece Team
Sponsored by Ikos Resorts


This audio tour, including the choice and description of the stops and the route within Corfu Old Town, was created and road-tested by the Discover Greece Team and is being hosted on the Clio Muse Tours platform. 

Source: Discover Greece


Corfu is one of the most fascinating islands in Greece. It was mentioned by Homer in the 8th or 7th century BC and lived through the Classical and Hellenistic periods of ancient Greece and the Romans that followed. No surprises there. But it has also seen many other occupations and outside influences … Norman, Byzantine and Venetian (not once but twice), Angevin, Russian, Jewish, French and British … all before it was united with the rest of Greece in 1864. And the beauty of it is that you can witness it all in our mobile-friendly audio tour of the Old Town, which includes historical and cultural highlights.

Highlights include:

  • Old & New Fortress
  • Spianada Square & Liston
  • Ionian Parliament & Ionian Academy
  • The Palace of St Michael & St George
  • Philharmonic Society of Corfu
  • Jewish synagogue
  • Food & craft shops

Corfu through the centuries

  • 8th-7th century BC: Corfu in mythology (Homer’s Odyssey)
  • 6th-century BC – 2nd century AD: Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods
  • 1081-1084: Medieval period (the Normans)
  • 1084-1204: Byzantine Empire
  • 1204-1214: First Venetian period
  • 1214-1267: The Despotate of Epirus 
  • 1267-1386: The Angevins of Naples 
  • 1386-1797: Second Venetian period
  • 1797-1799: Republican French
  • 1800-1807: The Septinsular (Ionian) Republic (under Russian and Ottoman sovereignty) 
  • 1807-1814: The imperial French
  • 1815-1864: British Protectorate – United States of the Ionian Islands
  • 1864: Union with the Kingdom of Greece

Note: Corfu Old Town is full of very small roads (especially in the Venetian Campiello district) that do not always have road signs. This audio tour contains directions for how to get between the stops but it is highly recommended to have GPS coverage for your phone during your walk.  

Source: Discover Greece

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