From Thessaloniki: Excursion to Pozar - Edessa


An idyllic day trip combining total relaxation in nature

We enjoy the therapeutic qualities of the healing hot springs of Pozar in the fascinating external natural pools, just where the nature established an absolute picturesque landscape against the view of Mount Voras, northwest of Aridaia. The healing water spewed out in a constant temperature of 37° C sets a feeling of body well-ness. The water is also known is for the drinking therapy (you can drink the water for body healing), revitalization and relaxation; a natural spa in the altitude of 400m against a fascinating scenery.

We combine the relaxation in Pozar, with the city of Edessa where the biggest waterfalls in Balkans are located, verifying its first name as the “city of waters”. The water falls from 70m high, producing magical vapor clouds! Don’t miss this absolute experience!

  • Pozar hot springs
  • Edessa
  • Varosi Traditional District
  • Sesame Mill of Flavors
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We depart to Pozar thermal springs with the bus of Ammon Express along with our friendly trip attendant-archaeologist, at 08:00 from Aristotelous Square & Egnatia Street (at the statue of Venizelos).

The distance is 110km and lasts about 1 hour and a half.

The distance is 110km and lasts approximately 1½ hours. One explanation regarding the meaning of the name “Pozar” is “after the charcoal” while another one is “under the fire”, which forms an evidence that in the past the village was located in a different place that was burnt or set on fire and the villagers gave the name “Pozar” to their new village.

We reach the enchanting Pozar hot springs, the spa into nature. The healing water infiltrates the ground and after going quite deep is heated up and goes back to the surface enriched with minerals and trace elements.

Admire the beautiful gorge located in the majestic mountain where the river “Toplitsa” (in slavic language is defined as “the hot river”) flows through it forming small cascades and shallow shores. Nowadays is mostly known as the river of Saint Nicolas.

Enjoy the free time in Pozar in order to feel the qualities of the healing water relaxing in the natural pools of the hot springs. Combine it with a coffee break in the organized area. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear and a towel/bathrobe!

There we have also the chance to spoil ourselves with traditional viands of local producers (honey, spoon sweets etc.) from the local market in the main square of the area. Later on we continue our trip to Edessa.

The name Edessa means “a tower into the water” because of the intense presence of the liquid element in the city since the antiquity. We have free time to admire the impetuous waterfalls and capture the enchanting scenery; where the park of the cascades meets the edge of the rock, also known as the “eyebrow” of the city, is located, according to the famous greek author Menelaos Lountemis, “the step where God steps on to go up the sky”. The water comes from the springs of the mountain Kaimaktsalan (Voras) supplied constantly by the snowmelt of the mountain.

We may follow our trip attendant-archaeologist for a walking tour to the traditional district of Varosi and visit the Water Museum or Sesame Mill of Flavors for an unforgettable experience or enjoy a nice meal in one of the traditional restaurants of the area.

We depart to Thessaloniki at around 15:00p.m and we are back approximately after 1½ hours (16:30pm), making the same stops where we started from.

Source: Ammon Express

What's Included

  • Round-trip transportation to Pozar Hot Springs and Edessa
  • English speaking trip attendant-archaeologist
  • Walking tour at the district of Varosi
  • Basic travel insurance (during transport)
  • Entrance fee 2€/person for the small pools and 3€/person for the big pool and 3€/person the entrance fee to the Sesame Mill of Flavors
  • Towel rental 1,50€/towel (if needed)
  • Cost of lunch at the restaurant
Source: Ammon Express

Additional Information

  • Starting point: ARISTOTELOUS square & EGNATIA (Venizelos Statue) 08:00
  • 8 hours (3 hours on the road)
Source: Ammon Express


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