Experience Ancient Greece – An Exhibition of Ancient Music Instruments


Meet your host

Theodore Koumartzis is an astounding musician of the ancient lyre and the visionary behind our award-winning tour.

He is also a member of the luthier’s family and the niche music brand Luthieros, responsible for the construction of all these music instruments!

Theodore constantly travels around the world, giving lectures, live performances and interactive tours in museums and educational institutes in Greek, English and Spanish!

Source: SEIKILO - Experience Ancient Greece


Embark on a unique journey in ancient Greek mythology and music, with Theodore and SEIKILO’s award-winning tour “Experience Ancient Greece”, where you will have the chance to learn, take a closer look, or even play with many ancient Greek music instruments such as the lyre of Hermes, the barbiton of Sappho, the pandura, the Cithara of the Golden Age, the Phorminx of Homer, the Tympanon of Dionysus, etc.

What’s more, a professional lyricist will perform live for you, while sharing surprisingly interesting details about Hermes, Apollo, Zeus, Plato, etc.

“Theodore is an amazing host and the exhibition is a source of inspiration. Don’t miss this if you are looking for a great experience in Thessaloniki!” – Pambos, Cyprus on TripAdvisor

Source: SEIKILO - Experience Ancient Greece

What's Included

You will be granted access (to see, hear, hold, or even play) to more than a dozen ancient music instruments from ancient Greece and other civilizations.

Source: SEIKILO - Experience Ancient Greece

Additional Information

This experience is for anyone interested in ancient Greek civilization, music and mythology! This experience can be tailored to your level of knownledge, so let us know if you are an amateur or even professional musician!

Source: SEIKILO - Experience Ancient Greece



Museum of Ancient Music Instruments

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