Infinity View Hotel Tinos


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Journey into Infinity…

Infinity View Hotel is a newly built accommodation complex, located in one of the most favoured area of ​​the island, with stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Just 300 meters from the port of Tinos and within easy reach of all major attractions.

The luxurious atmosphere combined with some boho touches, form a picture-perfect setting for any visitor who wants to create enduring memories and ineradicable experiences. The unrivalled style and glamour of the hotel combine elements of Cycladic tradition and majestic modern architecture, capturing the essense of elegant luxury.

The 16 suites are styled in minimal chic decor and share a basic idea, inspired by the natural local art and architecture while at the same time each one is differentiated by its own special character.

Exquisite spaces, with utmost attention down to the last detail, highlight the power of minimalism and incorporate elements that provide colour, life and movement. In all our luxurious rooms and suites, attention to detail is assured. Having a common philosophy in terms of their architecture, but with a different decorative approach, each suite tells its own unique story. In all areas of the infinity view you will find unique objects, bathed in the distinctive light of the Cyclades.

The golden sunlight is reflected in the sea during the day and as night begins to fall Infinity View Hotel offers one of the most beautiful unobstructed sunsets in the Aegean.



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