Blue Gres Tinos


Σύντομη περιγραφή

The epitome of contemporary comfort meets seascape serenity, in an upscale villa
designed around the idea of effortless Tinos living. Blue Grès, embodies the
confidence of luxury, wrapped in the mesmerizing Cycladic landscape of undisturbed
sea views and island charm. Created to offer indulging privacy, this one of a kind villa
is a fine blend of high-end features and design, combined with traditional accents
and quality local materials. Blue Grès is a state of mind; a space dedicated to
unpretentious living, a place to feel at home, to meet with loved ones and get in
touch with the eternal spirit of Greek hospitality.

With its name inspired by its beautiful surroundings, the sea, the sky and the earthy
colored island stones, Blue Grès creates a connection with the island’s character, its
untamed soul and traditional spirit that keeps evolving.



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