Thessaly & Sporades

The heartland of Greece and islands of green and blue
Unesco has declared Meteora a World Heritage Site
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In the heart of Greece, Thessaly, with its exhilarating nature, and the Sporades, the beautiful lush green islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, will seduce you

Geological marvels (Meteora), majestic mountains and villages (Pelion), famous rivers (the Pineios) and a multitude of gorges, valleys, lakes and beaches… Thessaly and the Sporades islands have it all. From the cities of Volos and Larissa, to the natural wonders of Lake Plastira, Tempi and Elati-Pertouli, and on to the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, prepare for a wonderful journey through the heartland of Greece.

Top attractions in Thessaly and the Sporades

  • MeteoraΤο nature’s masterpieces, people have added their own. The largest, most important monastic community in Greece, after Mount Athos, the Meteora monasteries are built in seemingly impossible locations at the top of the evocative meteoric rocks of Thessaly.
  • VolosVolos’ colourful waterfront is a gourmand’s delight, with its many eateries, including early industrial buildings transformed into multi-purpose centres that offer dozens of dining and entertainment choices. But don’t overlook the city’s museums and the archaeological sites of Dimino and Sesklo.
  • LarissaOne of Greece’s most important cities lies on both banks of the Pineios River, where you will find attractions such as famous ancient theatres and the acropolis on the hill of Agios Achillios.
  • Tempi: At Tempi, the Pineios River carves a narrow gorge between Mt Olympus and Mt Ossa. Nearby Ambelakia is famous for its listed grand houses.
  • PelionA favourite destination in Greece, with its fine traditional architecture, untouched villages, bridges, old fountains, grand houses and the narrow Moutzouris railway. The villages of Makrinitsa, Zagora, Tsagkarada, Mouresi, Kissos, Vyzitsa and Milies stand out.
  • Lake PlastiraA natural wonderland in which to relax and enjoy various sports and outdoor activities.
  • Elati & PertouliAn ideal year-round destination in an area of rare beauty in the southern Pindos mountain range.
  • The Sporades: SkiathosSkopelosAlonissos – three lush green islands with wonderful beaches. Skiathos is home to Koukounaries, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, and Skopelos is where “Mamma Mia” was filmed. On Alonissos’ hiking trails, you will explore the beauty of unspoiled nature and, around it, the Sporades islands’ famous marine park.

Enjoy the sea and sand, alone or with company

It might be on the mainland, but Pelion boasts a number of popular beaches, with a choice of sand or white pebbles to go with the clear water. Some of the best are Horefto, Ai Ioannis, Papa Nero, Damouhari, Fakistra and from Mylopotamos to Potistika on the southern coastline. In the Sporades, you will find beaches whose reputation precedes them – such as Koukounaries and magical Lalaria on Skiathos, and Kastani, Panormos, Milia, Stafylos and Velanio on evergreen Skopelos, and Agios Dimitrios, the star of Alonissos.

Hiking, canyoning, water sports and snow skiing

Walking along the old stone paths of Pelion, you will explore villages and monasteries, and cross fertile forests and stone bridges. And hiking in the vicinity of Meteora offers once-in-a-lifetime views. Kissavos is the ideal choice for off-road experiences, as well as mountain biking and canyoning (the Kalypsous Gorge and its cascades). Beaches in Agiokampos, Pelion and the Sporades are ideal for all kind of water sports. While the calm waters of the Pagasitic Gulf south of Pelion are suitable for sailing and kayaking. Choose the popular ski resort of Pelion to enjoy incredible views during winter, and Lake Plastira for dozens of exciting activities (horseback-riding, cycling, canoeing, rowing and more). Off-roaders will enjoy the tracks around northern Pelion, Tsagarada and Kissos. One very special experience is crossing the Agrafa next to the river, while the mountain trails above Nafpaktos drawn comparisons with Switzerland.

Local culinary wonders

Thessaly offers a wide range of local delicacies, from homemade trahana soup (sometimes even for breakfast), in the mountain villages during winter to pies of various kinds throughout the year. In Pelion, especially in Zagora and Portaria, women’s cooperatives produce various sweets that you can buy, while in the tavernas you might try the spetsofai (sausage sauteed with peppers) and galotyri, a creamy curd cheese. At the tsipouro joints of Volos, you’ll be initiated into the tsipouro ceremony, which involves downing many little glasses of the fiery liquor, tempered by lots of small plates of mezedes. And in Larissa and Trikala, you will savour delicious cheeses, such as kasseri, kefalograviera and graviera.

Lake Plastira a man-made marvel in Thessaly

Experience the best of Thessaly & Sporades

Walk among the gigantic rock pillars of Meteora to enjoy truly breathtaking views

По горным тропам Метеоров

Нет лучшего способа, познакомиться с этими дивными чудесами природы и творениями человека, чем надеть пару кроссовок и отправиться в поход по горным тропам Метеоров!
Lalaria’s unique shiny pebbles and other-worldly setting make for an unforgettable day trip

Морская поездка на уединённый и дикий пляж Лалария на острове Скиатос

Не похожий ни на какой другой пляж на острове Скиатос, пляж Лалария знаменит своими блестящими камнями и завораживающим пейзажем. Поездка сюда, без всяких сомнений, останется...
In a setting of tranquil green and blue, Panormos is one of the most welcoming beaches in Skopelos

Отдых на пляже Панормос острова Скопелос

Пляж Панормос отличается особой умиротворённостью, гармонично сочетая морской пейзаж и лес.
The most popular uphill trail of Pelion mountain is the trail of Centaurs

По пешим тропкам горы Пилион

По горе Пилион проходит множество пеших троп, которые проведут Вас по густому лесу, через стремительные ручьи и водопады и выведут прямо к прибрежным деревушкам.
Visit beautiful secluded bays and beaches along the way, Marine Park of Alonissos

Знакомясь с дарами природы в Морском парке острова Алонисос

Познакомьтесь с самым крупным морским парком в Европе. Здесь обитают застенчивые тюлени-монахи и друге редкие виды животных. А по пути сюда Вас ждут уединённые бухточки...
You pass along a deep gorge full of nature, admiring extraordinary-coloured water and plane trees

Сплав на горных лодках на фоне живописных Метеоров

Волшебный пейзаж Метеоров с вереницей горных монастырей и отвесных скал на этот раз станет фоном для нового приключения – рафтинга по реке Пиниос!
  • Monastic eyries, Meteora
  • Tsipouradika, Volos
  • Lake Plastira: a man-made marvel
  • Pelion’s villages
  • Lalaria beach, Skiathos
  • Mamma Mia, Skopelos

Destinations in Thessaly & Sporades

The southern part of the island is embroidered with beaches, charming bays and green-blue water


«Особый» остров среди Спорад
Skiathos town


Космополит среди островов Спорады
Lagstone streets with whitewashed stairs, flowers on the patios, pretty windowsills, well-kept homes at Skopelos town


На прекрасном острове архипелага Спорады

Travel ideas

Shining the light on stories
Adventure teams doing rafting on the cold waters of the Voidomatis

Рафтинг и Каньонинг: Самые популярные направления в Греции

Не только стремнины и трудные перекаты. Это и природа вокруг, которая в сочетании с преодолением трудностей и преград, дарит Вам невероятные ощущения
подводная спелеология

Дайвинг: самые популярные направления в Греции

Серфинг, кайтинг, парусный спорт, wakeboard и водные лыжи: любителям морских видов спорта Греция подарит острые ощущения
Incredible Sarakiniko beach, a trip to the moon in Milos island

Популярные направления для плавания по Эгейскому морю

Путешествуя по Эгейскому морю среди бесчисленных островов и островков и уникальных впечатлений, вы откроете Грецию ветров и морей