Voidokilia, the majesty of nature quite like the iconic horseshoe-shaped beach and its accompanying saltwater lagoon in Messinia

Instagrammable Voidokilia Beach in the Peloponnese

Nowhere captures the majesty of nature quite like the iconic horseshoe-shaped beach and its accompanying saltwater lagoon in Messinia.
4 -6 hrs
По сезону
May - October


Voidokilia beach, tucked away on the coast of Messinia, leads an impressive double life. Shaped in a perfect semi-circle, its golden sand and interplay of turquoise and blue sea have rightly propelled it towards the top of Instagram bucket lists. Less well known is that it also backs onto one of the most important wetlands in Europe.

And so, approaching it on foot, Voidokilia captures your heart twice over – first as a saltwater lagoon included in the Natura 2000 network for protected biotopes, and then as an exotic paradise in which to sunbathe and swim (and even extend your exploration under the gaze of a 13th century Frankish Castle). 

A path extends through the Gialova (or Divari) lagoon, with an observatory and other observation points along the way. Including migratory birds, more than 250 species of bird are found here through the year, of which 79 are on the ‘Red List’ of species under threat of extinction. 

Once you arrive at the beach, it’s another kind of awe that grips. From ground level, the scene is scarcely less impressive than the iconic horseshoe-shaped image of the beach photographed from above. As well as the sweeping gold and blue of sand and sea, there’s Paliokastro (or Nestor’s Castle) gazing down at you from the hilltop in the distance. And as if that’s not enough, there’s a vaulted tomb near the entrance to the beach attributed to Nestor’s son, Thrasymedes.

You can spend the rest of the day lazing and swimming, but find time to explore the beach, picking up the path beyond the sand dunes at the far end that leads up to Nestor’s Cave. The story goes that this is where Hermes hid the cattle stolen from Apollo. Your photos from here will be no less mythical. 

The path continues upwards and gives even more impressive photo opportunities, but it does become challenging and be aware that the castle itself is closed to visitors. 

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  • There is a parking area at Voidokilia, from which you can explore the lagoon before returning to the beach. 
  • Alternatively, you can leave your car at the Gialova Lagoon parking area (near Divari Beach) and walk around the lagoon to Voidokilia. 

From Athens:

  • By car: 277km (3hr22min)

From Kalamata airport:

  • By car: 55km (1hr10min)
  • By bus: to Pylos and in summer to Romanos

More info on Bus routes 

From Pylos:

  • By car or taxi: 17km (25min)

From Gialova:

  • By car or taxi: 9km (15mins)
  • You’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature at any time of year, but swimming and sunbathing are best from May to October.
  • If you do visit in July-August, do so in the early morning or late afternoon when it’s cooler and quieter.

May-June and September-October are the best and quietest months to visit. 

  • Осень
  • Весна
  • Летом
  • Зима
  • There are no facilities (canteen, sunbeds or umbrellas) on the beach. 
  • Make sure you have everything you need for a day in the sun:


Beaches are delicate ecosystems so please help keep them in the best possible condition and leave only your footprints.

Use the bins provided or, if need be, take your rubbish with you.
Don’t remove any shells, rocks, fossils or sand from the beach.
Respect the marine life and the plants and animals on shore.
Use a refillable water bottle to try to minimise your use of plastic.
Explore your surroundings but please keep to designated paths for your own safety and to avoid disrupting the flora and fauna.
Making fires on beaches is strictly forbidden.

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