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Σύντομη περιγραφή

Through unique tasting journeys, Wine Odyssey brings you to Northern Greece's unknown and unexplored vineyards, where you will come to love and appreciate Greek wine.

Caressed by the sea breeze and kissed by the sun, the wine regions of Northern Greece, spread from the plateau of Macedonia to the plains of Thrace and from the foothills of Mount Olympus to the most mountainous vines in Epirus.

Our wine tours will introduce you to authentic terroirs and traditional wineries, as well as gracious and generous winemakers who put all their love and craft into the land and their wines. During your visits, you will find out about the vinification processes and taste wines from ancient homegrown varieties that have been revived by very talented winemakers and are able to seduce even the most experienced wine enthusiast.

Our motivation and enthusiasm come from our love of this wonderful country and the unexpected treasures we discover every day. Embark on a journey with Wine Odyssey for unique and unforgettable experiences!

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