Santorini: Semi-Private Catamaran Day Cruise

Santorini: Semi-Private Catamaran Day Cruise


Welcome aboard! Spend a day discovering the highlights of Santorini, and find out why it is considered to be one of the most magical places in the world. Sail past the island’s hot spots on a luxurious catamaran so as to approach each and every unique landscape such as the amazing colorful bays created by the volcano eruption or the Ancient City of Akrotiri, the Indian Rocks, the Venetian Lighthouse and so much more… Last but not least, a fancy cocktail follows your special Greek meal!

  • Hotel pick up and departure from the marina
  • Visit Santorini caldera highlights
  • Stops: Red & White Beach, Akrotiri, Indian Rock, Lighthouse, Hot Springs
  • Swim into Hot Springs’ therapeutic waters
  • Authentic Greek island lunch with local products
  • Relax onboard at secluded caldera bay
  • Return and drop off
Source: Brama Yachts Catamarans

Σύντομη περιγραφή

We welcome you aboard an amazing 5-hour cruise!

While you are enjoying your drink, we’ll have a brief orientation before we set out for our day’s adventures. We head to the amazing Red Beach, identified by the iron-enriched cliffs of magma that surround the bay. We’ll enjoy some great snorkeling to experience some of the region’s uniqueness.

Swim on White Beach, where you can relax on secluded beaches that can only be accessed by boat. The surrounding limestone cliffs were pushed to the surface from the volcanic activity thousands of years ago. The names of these amazing bays are derived from the colorful geologic layers left as a result of the volcanic eruption.

Sail past the Ancient City of Akrotiri. This settlement was destroyed in the last great Thiran eruption around 1627 BC. Relax as you take in the amazing views of the picturesque caldera of the volcano of the Indian Rocks as well as the Venetian Lighthouse of Crete off in the distance. Swim to the famous Hot Springs produced from a still-active volcano. The change in the color of the sea from deep blue to rich red is visible.

Enjoy a delicious local lunch or dinner made of authentic Greek products from Santorini, Crete, and Naxos, including a variety of Greek salads, fresh fruit, vegetables, local meats and cheeses, and locally baked bread. Once more, we hoist the sails for an invigorating sail back to our base through the picturesque, awe-inspiring scenery which until now, you’ve only seen in pictures. The meal provides for yet another delicious interpretation of the unique Greek culture. Be certain to have your cameras ready as the special views will remain the great memories of your visit to Santorini.

Source: Brama Yachts Catamarans

What's Included


  • Hotel Pick up/ drop off services
  • 5 hours sailing on a luxury catamaran
  • Greek gourmet family-style menu
  • Beverages, drinks, local wines & water
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Wi-fi access
  • English speaking crew
Source: Brama Yachts Catamarans

Additional Information

Before you get on board

All guest must be prepared for cruise. Wearing shoes is not permitted in any sailing cruise. Enjoy the “bare feet” rule, remove your shoes and we are ready to go!

Put in your backpack: sunglasses, sunscreen, sunhat a set of warm clothes and an extra pair of bathing suit. Scan a photo of your passport or ID card on your smartphone.


Our first priority is your safety & comfort. Depending on the weather conditions, the cruise's itinerary may be affected. Single stops or embarkation/debarkation port may change.

Max guests 10

Source: Brama Yachts Catamarans

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