Philosophy Experiential Workshop at Aristotle's Lyceum in Athens


  • Philosophize in the historic school of Lyceum, Aristotle’s own Academy.
  • Learn all about the man who became the father of science, a great philosopher, Plato’s successor and Alexander the Great’s teacher.
  • Explore his self-excellence theory with modern daily life example cases, through joyful activities.
  • Use a combination of methods including “question & answering”, “reading cards”, “Socrates’ maieutic art (midwife art)”, “Platonic dialogue technique”, “brainstorming”, and “case studies”.


Σύντομη περιγραφή

Follow Aristotle's footsteps, quite literally, with this thought-provoking, highly interactive philosophy workshop, that studies the master's wisdom, at the ruins of Aristotle's own school: Lyceum.

Aristotle gave the world not only ethics but the concept of a well-lived life: "eudaimonia". This workshop is a philosophy experience, an opportunity to discuss Aristotle's ideas on Virtues at the original location where he taught.

Our experience begins at Rizari Park, under shaded trees. We will discuss the historical background, through story-telling, focusing on the chain Socrates teacher of Plato teacher of Aristotle.

Afterwards, we will walk towards the nearby archaeological site of Lyceum, Aristotle’s School, to explore the key element of the Aristotelian Ethics theory, Virtues!

We will walk around the same paths as the Aristotle’s students used to do; this was the reason why they took the name "Peripatitiki philosophers" (Peripatos=walk/stroll). We will explore the Virtues theory with a multiple choice game including modern life examples.

Then, we will sit at the small amphitheater with direct view of the excavations, to discuss how the Aristotelian theory can help us achieve Eudaimonia, the ultimate human goal. During the workshop you will also have the opportunity to read quotes in ancient Greek, using our special reading cards!


What's Included

Additional Information

  • Small groups of maximum 5 persons
  • Suitable for adults and teenagers over 16 years old
  • Duration is 1.5-2 hours approximately
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Basic philosophy workshop, suitable for people without previous knowledge. Age 16+
  • NOT a guided tour. It is a philosophy experience.
  • As part of this workshop takes place at a Historical site, involving Heritage and Cultural aspects, all participants are required to respect ethic, law and respectful conduct etiquette (soberness, cleanliness, photo/video shooting, dress-code, loudness etc) and be respectful and polite during the entire session. Our facilitator has the right to terminate your participation without any refund in case your behavior is disrespectful in regards to the place or the people.
  • This workshop is an outdoor experience therefore it requires good weather. In the case it is canceled due to poor weather, you will be notified at least 3 hours ahead and will be offered the option to choose between a different date, a similar workshop, or a full refund. In case of surprise rain during the workshop, you will continue in the close by cafeteria.
  • Attending this workshop in public space means you consent to photo/video shooting which may occur within the course of this service, including the future publication of this material by us or the other participants. You may withdraw your consent at any time (before or after the workshop) by contacting us in writing. We shall not be held accountable for pictures and videos of you, taken by others during our services and for the use of such photo and video materials by those third parties.


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