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In 2023, Elefsina became the fourth Greek city to receive the title of European Capital of Culture, after Athens (1985), Thessaloniki (1997) and Patras (2006). The 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture reveals the unseen side of Elefsina, marking a new era for the city and its people. However, Elefsina is not celebrating alone, as the European Capital of Culture is also hosted by partner cities Timisoara in Romania and Veszprém in Hungary, creating close links, exchanges and collaborations between the three cities.

2023 Eleusis is shaping an integrated artistic, research and educational programme, under the title Mysteries of Transition, inspired by the ancient institution of the Eleusinian Mysteries, moving along three thematic axes: Human/Society, Environment and Labour.

You can find all the current events of the European Capital of Culture, 2023 ELEUSIS here.

Source: 2023 ELEUSIS Official Website