Unique Wine Tasting Experience Inside a Cretan Gorge


  • Eight of the highest-quality Greek wines that stand out of the competition.
  • Eight Cretan dishes made only with locally sourced 100% organic ingredients.
  • Wine & Dine on a stone-built balcony inside of the scenic Zourida Gorge.
  • Tutored explanation of Crete’s local winemaking heritage.
  • Small group limited to maximum of twelve guests.
Source: The Secret Gorge - Wine Tasting Experience


Come with us to one of the most unique wine tastings in Crete and escape to a secluded heaven in the little-known Zourida Gorge of Rethymno. Indulge in native wines, matching dishes and the unrivalled beauty of this land that since Minoan times has been the earth of fertility and centre of good wines and tasty food.

Away from the crowded places of quick Instagram snaps to Crete’s most untouched escapes where time slows down and history persists in the midst of natural marvel.

Embark on an exclusive wine and culinary journey amidst the majestic views of Zourida Gorge. Enjoy a wine tasting featuring eight Greek wines of the highest quality paired with a six-course Cretan feast. Learn about local winemaking and traditional cooking from seasoned experts in a small group setting of only 12 guests. Immerse yourself in Cretan culture while soaking in the breathtaking natural beauty of the gorge, creating unforgettable memories against this stunning backdrop.

Source: The Secret Gorge - Wine Tasting Experience

What's Included

  • 8 selected, premium Greek wines
  • 8 course Cretan feast
  • Explanation of the traditional winemaking heritage of Crete
Source: The Secret Gorge - Wine Tasting Experience

Additional Information

Booking & Cancellation Policies

If a tour is cancelled due to low participation or bad weather conditions, we will refund 100% of made payments.

In the case of allergies, tolerances or food preferences, please inform us in advance.

Source: The Secret Gorge - Wine Tasting Experience


About the provider

The Secret Gorge - Wine Tasting Experience

Discover a secluded wine and culinary journey in Crete's Zourida Gorge. Indulge in the finest native wines, traditional Cretan dishes, and explore the history o...

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