Athens Olympic Museum


The Athens Olympic Museum was created on the initiative of Lamda Development SA with the aim of housing a significant part of the Olympic heritage of our country and highlighting Athens as the Olympic Capital by featuring the contribution of the Olympic Organizations it hosted. The Athens Olympic Museum is located inside the Golden Hall Shopping Center, next to OAKA, where in 2004 was the International Broadcasting Center.

The Museum narrates the course of the Olympic Games through time from antiquity to the present Olympics, and the role of our country and Greek athletes. The Greek events of the Olympic Games (ancient Olympia, Athens 1896, Athens 2004) are highlighted through large stations of the exhibition that simulate the respective stages where these important sporting events took place.

  • Member of the Olympic Museums Network (ΟΜΝ) under the aegis of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • Under the aegis of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC)



  • to impart the philosophy of Olympism 
  • to constitute a significant source of knowledge for the educational community
  • to inspire the youth and appeal to the hearts of the elderly
  • to attract visitors from all over the world
  • to foster the essential linkage between Athletics and Culture
  • to become the “guardian” of the legacy of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004
  • to showcase Athens as an Olympic Capital through synergies and collaborations

Permanent Exhibition

The origins and the history of the Olympic Games through a chronological narration, highlighting the three Greek pivotal periods: The Birth (Ancient Olympia), the Revival (Athens 1896) and the Return of the Olympic Games in Greece (Athens 2004).

The Principles, the Values, the structure of the International Olympic Movement, the Organizations and Institutions, the measure of truce and the ideal of World Peace, the Sports, the Athletes, and the Game (Agon) are presented through interactive exhibits and original tokens and relics.

Main Exhibits

  • The Olympic Games in Antiquity
  • The Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia 
  • The Revival of the Olympic Games 
  • Athens 1896
  • Period 1900-2002
  • Athens 2004
  • 2006 to date 
  • The modern Olympic movement and its protagonists 


 Awarded exhibits

The Museum focuses on the continuous innovation and the creation of interactive exhibits that highlight its educational role and improve the experience of its visitors.

Three of the Museum's productions in this context, the introductory installation "Visit to the Past", the interactive map "Journey to Olympia" and the flip book "Olympic Charter" which includes physical and digital features, were a combined nomination that was awarded in the Ermis 2022 Awards with a Gold Award in the category Production and the subcategory Set Constructions & Event Branding.

At the same time, the flip book "Olympic Charter" won the Silver Ermis Award in the Digital Craft category and the subcategory ‘’Innovative Use of Tech. "

Touring Exhibition

The project “Ancient Olympia: Common Grounds” is a collaboration between the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and Microsoft, which is harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to digitally preserve and restore the site of Ancient Olympia for future generations.

Athens Olympic Museum hosts this fascinating mixed reality exhibition in the Events Hall at Level 0 and invites you to digitally navigate and explore Ancient Olympia, as it stood in its glory more than 2,000 years ago. Go back in time and stop in 173 A.D.; navigate around the various sights and digital monuments; listen to the sounds of the Ancient Games and become part of their history.


Athens Olympic Museum “AR Companion”

The «AR Companion» app complements the visit to the Permanent Exhibition of the Athens Olympic Museum. Users can discover more information about selected exhibits and significant Olympic stories.

Athens Olympic Museum invites the visitors to discover the designated signs (AR Markers) in various spots throughout the Permanent Exhibition and via the feature of augmented reality, to reveal on their device the information and the multimedia material that the AR Markers hide behind them.

The application does not require from the user to create a profile and it can be deleted after the visit at the Athens Olympic Museum. 

Café – Restaurant 1896 

Α premium aesthetics area with a spectacular view to the Olympic Stadium facilities that can host a wide range of events with built-in capability for multiple configurations and alternative interior decoration.

The possibilities are endless including formal corporate events, retreats, casual workshops, parties, private dinners, seminars and so much more.

The area is offered exclusively for events.

Athens Olympic Museum Store

In the official Gift Shop of the Athens Olympic Museum, you will find objects inspired by the exhibition, the history of Athletics and the Olympic Games, which will become the favorite symbols of your daily life. Limited edition souvenirs, with the approval of the International Olympic Committee, but also neat pieces of clothing and footwear are expected to fascinate you and become an ideal gift for your loved ones.

In the Gift Shop you will also find unique pieces from the official Heritage product line of the Lausanne Museum and the International Olympic Committee that represent different Olympic Games, commemorating those special moments of celebration of Sport in history.


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