Astypalea Sunset Cruise in Kounoupa

Astypalea Sunset Cruise in Kounoupa


  • Romantic Island Getaway: Experience an enchanting evening on Kounoupa island, surrounded by moonlight and serenaded by the melodies of the sea, promising unforgettable moments of romance.
  • Scenic Voyage: Departing from the port of Pera Gialos at 7:30 pm, embark on a 45-minute journey under the starlit sky, where the celestial bodies serve as your guide, accompanied by a delightful homemade welcome drink.
  • Culinary Delights: Upon arrival at Kounoupa, savor homemade cocktails, a selection of local cheeses, and fresh fruits at the bar, set against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty, with the sun gracefully setting behind the castle, creating a mesmerizing sunset ambiance.
  • Intimate Dining Experience: Enjoy a sumptuous dinner amidst subtle lighting and soft music, perfectly curated to evoke a sense of eroticism and tranquility, leaving you with lingering memories of romance and bliss.
  • Magical Return Journey: Bid farewell to Kounoupa around 11:00 pm, as you leisurely cruise back to Astypalaia, reclining on the boat's decks, soaking in the breathtaking views of the island like never before, culminating this romantic escapade with a touch of magic and wonder.
Source: Astypalea VIP Yachting


Live an unforgettable romantic experience on the Kounoupa island under the moonlight  and accompanied by the music of the sea.  

We will depart the port of Pera Gialos at 19.30 pm. Along the way (about 45 minutes) you will relax on the deck of the boat and travel having the stars as a compass and accompanied by a homemade welcome drink.

Arriving in Kounoupa, homemade cocktails and a variety of local cheeses and fresh fruits will await you at the bar. In the background of a uniq scenery prevails the magic of the universe where the sun runs to hide behind the castle giving you the perfect sunset. Subtle lighting and soft music create the perfect balance so that you can enjoy your dinner, leaving at the end a taste of eroticism and peace.

Around 23.00 pm we will say goodbye to Kounoupa and our return to Astypalaia will begin. Throughout the return you can lie on the decks of the boat and enjoy Astypalaia as you have never seen it before.

Source: Astypalea VIP Yachting

What's Included


  • Welcome drink on the boat
  • Aperitif in Kounoupa island (vermouth with a plater of local cheeses & fresh fruits
Source: Astypalea VIP Yachting

Additional Information


  • Salad menu "Α plate of ": Dakos or Greek Salad or Variety of vegetables or Potato salad or Tabbouleh
  • Appetizers "Two plates of " : Split peas or Hummus or  Fried local cheese or Zucchini & Eggplant chips or Anchovy bruschetta with tartar sauce & wild capers or Octopus with vinegar
  • Main dish "A plate of" : Fresh tuna meatballs or Grilled tuna fillet with marinated Vegetables or Local Squid "Lethriano" in red sauce & green olives served with rice
  • Drinks : 1/2 kg of bottled Wine or 2 beers & dessert
  • Captain, Sailor, Crew & Fuel 

Daily Trip Info
Be in a GROUP up to 12 Passengers
Departure Time : 19:30 pm
Return Time : 00:00
Source: Astypalea VIP Yachting

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