Illuminated Athens and the pedestrian avenue of Dionysios Areopagitis

The Athens of history, culture, festivals, fun and a vibrant nightlife. The city that knows how to live will lure you in with its rhythm.

Athens. The capital of Europe, this metropolis with an impressive past and a rich history introduces you to its modern version, and promises a city break teeming with images, sounds, flavours and fragrances that will thrill you.

With so many sights and attractions, monuments, museums, neighbourhoods, colourful markets and bazaars with a vintage feel, you’ll want to extend your holidays here. From the New Acropolis Museum to the Ancient Agora, the memories of Ancient Greece are present in every corner of Athens. Begin with a stroll from Thiseion to Monastiraki and discover the authentic spirit of Greece in little shops filled with treasures from the past: elegant jewellery, vinyl records, comic books from the 1960s, and rare books from the interwar years.

Sundays are a great opportunity to explore more: dozens of vendors set up on the streets and squares, flooding the centre of Athens with their unique merchandise. A little further up, in aristocratic Plaka and Anafiotika, you’ll feel like you’re on an island. Walk through the cobblestone streets and discover picturesque corners, grandiose neoclassical buildings, charming cafes and shops with souvenirs. And at night, enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife at the infinite options for fun and entertainment that promise to give you the memories of a lifetime!

Athens: one big stroll
In a city that boasts more than 2,880 hours of sunlight a year, walks are practically mandatory. Begin your journey in the green oasis of the National Garden, stroll beneath the Acropolis, discover the secrets hidden in the pedestrian streets of Dionysios Areopagitis and Apostolos Pavlos, explore the paths that circle Filopappou Hill and enjoy the view, the sunset and the history hidden in Pnyx Hill and the National Observatory of Athens.

Athens of culture and art
Athens isn’t just monuments and hidden secrets, but living art that pulsates – during your walk, be sure to turn and look at its walls. On these unique urban canvases, street artists have captured their vision of the city, and day by day are enriched, changed, transformed. Skilful graffiti of high aesthetical value brings modern art outside, making it an organic and integral part of the city.

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But if it’s indoor exhibits you are looking for, Kolonaki, Kerameikos and Metaxourgio are the neighbourhoods where you’ll find the most art galleries.
Discover Athens through its art!

Shopping in the centre of the city
A modern capital inevitably has shopping of respectively high standards. During your holidays here, you’ll have plenty of time to discover the city’s shopping, which spans the pedestrian shopping avenue of Ermou and its surrounding streets. There, as well as in Kolonaki, you’ll also have the opportunity to browse brand name stores and high end boutiques. Streets such as Skoufa, Patriarchou Ioakeim and Voukourestiou, as well as, the surrounding roads are filled with shops for all tastes and styles, whether couture, classic, trendy or street fashion. If you want to pack your suitcase with the traditional flavours and fragrances of Greece, head to the Central Market of Athens, on Evripidou Street, where you’ll find herbs, spices and products from local producers, giving you the opportunity to take home some of your memories from this multicultural capital.

Nightlife in the capital of Europe
And when the natural light fades from the Attica sky, and the city is illuminated with the colourful lights of the bars and clubs in the centre, you will experience another side to the city. A bohemian side that emerges in the hots spots of Athens’ vibrant nightlife.  A side of the city that is evolving and transforming constantly, in line with the needs of the city and the times. Aside from the ‘classic’ hangouts such as Kolonaki, Exarchia and Gazi, there are other alternative neighbourhoods that are popping up as the new ‘ultimate destinations’ for nightlife in Athens. The latest being Agia Irini Square, vibrant with life and attracting all the hype. New entertainment venues, bars, cafes, restaurants and street food stalls are opening here constantly.

Later on, from your hotel pool bar, you’ll see the Acropolis lit up, sending the signal: it’s time to have fun! You sip your cocktail slowly, while the music gets you into the groove, the city spread out in front of you, inviting you to join in. Time to paint the town red. You’ll discover thousands of ways to spend the evening: hip bars, open-air clubs and dancing on tables at bouzoukia, with live Greek music interspersed with DJ sets. No matter where you end up, you’re bound to have an unforgettable time.