Blogtrotters 2016
Greece Beyond The Senses

Blogtrotters, Discover Greece’s programme of conceptual travel blogger visits, is back for a third year. This time, we’ll be exploring how travelling to Greece affects our senses. How we’re stimulated, satisfied and moved by every experience Greece has to offer. And how the simplest pleasures can be the most rewarding.

We all know the extraordinary effect that travelling to Greece has on our senses.


    Sunsets dappling across the sea, with shifting yellows, reds and greens. Blues and whites of island homes. And the simple beauty of purple-flowering bougainvillea.


    Jasmine blossom waking you from an afternoon snooze. Fragrant thyme and sage on a hillside walk. And the chargrill of barbecued octopus to get the evening going.


    The caress of sand, smooth as silk, slipping through your fingers. The sea frothing over your toes. And the warm embrace of your loved one as the beach becomes your personal escape.


    The salt on your lips during the first swim of the summer. A simple tomato, bursting with life as nature intended, seduced by the olive oil drizzling down its side. And watermelon, cool and sweet, to end the perfect meal.


    The clang of a church bell punctuating the evening stillness and the laughter of children laying the finishing touches to a sandcastle.

But there’s another sense at play in Greece. A feeling that transcends all the others, giving them context and a timeless appeal. It’s in the eternal shimmering of the Aegean Sea, the life-giving force that feeds the islands its waters helped create. It’s in the unspoken vows shared by lovers on a sunset stroll. And it’s in the welcome of locals, eager to share their world with you. It’s in the feeling of wanting to return time and time again.


Blogtrotters social media page impressions during 2016

Paros is SO pretty. So much white and blue!

Emily Luxton, United Kingdom

That golden glow 🌞 Savouring every moment of the sunset. The warmth, the light, the energy is so uplifting ☀️ 🌎

Victoria Magrath, United Kingdom

In two days we saw both seascapes and mountain landscapes, and I found it best to find out that Greece has also this sides there, apart from the islands we all know and also dream of

Laura Goncalves, France

Everything is so impressive… The details of these statues are amazing. I can’t take my eyes off them

Lydie Bohnomme, France


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