Kavourotripes beach

Family-friendly experiences in Halkidiki

Beautiful beaches with games and activities. Hotels with colourful water slides. A landscape perfect for exploring. Halkidiki is a family affair!
Beautiful beaches with games and activities. Hotels with colourful water slides. A landscape perfect for exploring. Halkidiki is a family affair!
As long as it takes to drink a Greek coffee

A safe and shallow sea with sand. Hotels with playgrounds, pools and water slides. Seaside resorts with shops, cafes, tavernas and restaurants serving flavours loved by all ages. Impressive archaeological sites, the famous Cave of Petralona, the University Forest of Taxiarchis and Aristotle Park, will broaden your family’s knowledge. Halkidiki is an open invitation for fun, relaxation and adventure! 

Come and play on the beach

A shallow sea, with white sand and crystal clear water. Umbrellas, sunbeds, water sports, and beach service all day long. Together with your children, you’ll indulge in endless hours of fun in the sand. Halkidiki’s beaches will enchant you. Some of these, in particular, will let you play in a safe, heavenly landscape: Sani Beach, pine-tree studded Paliouri, Afitos, Kallithea, Neos Marmaras and Paradisos, exotic Kavourotripes with its shallow emerald waters, Karidi, fully-organised Nikiti, Ierissos Beach, Kalogria with its beach bars, Porto Koufo with its calm waters, Kalamitsi, and the bays of Porto Carras. Every moment of your family holidays in Halkidiki will be filled with joy, relaxation and fun in the sea.

Kavourotripes beach

Family-friendly hospitality in Halkidiki

Large hotels, luxury resorts, guesthouses, rentals, villas. Facilities specifically designed for children of every age, family suites with all the comforts and necessities, water slides and kiddy pools for swimming all day long, all just a stone’s throw from the sea. Gardens with playgrounds, beach volleyball and tennis courts, basketball, 5X5, mini-golf. Activities, cooking, dance and arts & crafts. Meals made especially for younger guests from all around the world as well as entertainment and programs planned for their enjoyment… all while you sit back and relax! 

For heavenly family holidays with children and friends, some excellent options in Halkidiki are: Ikos Oceania Hotel in Nea Moudania, Lagomandra Beach Hotel, Ekies All Senses Resort Porto Carras, Blue Dolphin, Αthena Palace Village Resort και Anthemus Sea Beach Resort in Sithonia, Porto Sani Village, Possidi Holidays, Aegean Melathron and Istion Club Luxury Resort in Kassandra, as well as Eagles Palace in Ouranoupoli. 

Little explorers in Halkidiki

Trainers, long-sleeved shirt, backpack, hat, sunglasses and you’re off! Visit Ancient Olynthos – the birthplace of the famous Hippodamian grid plan, the ancient city of Stagira, or Aristotle Park: a thematic park with interactive instruments mounted throughout a lush, green landscape. The compass, telescope, pendulum, prism, inertia spheres, water turbine, optical discs, sundial and parabolic reflectors – all operating by the rules of physics referred to by the great philosopher Aristotle in his textbook ‘The Naturals’.

Visit the world-famous Cave of Petralona, where the Archanthropos (estimated at 700,000 years old) was discovered, and see the rare dwarf stalagmites.
Walk along the canal of Nea Poteidaia, or visit the impressive Prosforiou Tower in Ouranoupoli and the neighbouring Monastery Zigou (otherwise known as ‘Frangokastro’), built in the 10th century, where archaeologists unearth discoveries year after year. 

Get to know the traditional settlements of Afitos in Kassandra, Parthenonas and Old Nikiti in Sithonia, Arnaia in Central Halkidiki and learn about Macedonian architecture as well as traditional textiles and cookware. 

Early in the morning, you can walk Mount Itamos in Sithonia – part of the Natura 2000 network – as far as the chapel of Agios Pavlos where you’ll quench your thirst with water from the famous stone fountain. Or get acquainted with the University Forest of Taxiarchis, that spans 58,000 hectares: there, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is researching a policy for sustainable forestry development, focusing on preservation.

Halkidiki is a wonderland worth exploring with your children.

Summer holiday agenda

Sani Festival, the Festival of Kassandra, and the Festival of the Sea are some of the most well-known summer events in Halkidiki. The Swim Across the Gulf of Toroneos is organised on July 19 in Sithona. Together with your children, you can get into the spirit of local culture by attending one of the local town fairs organised in the surrounding areas. The most popular of these are the celebrations held on August 15th (Assumption of Mary), the fair in Nea Fokea on June 28, the mussel festival on July 7 and 8, the sardine and olive festivals in Nea Moudania, during the second half of July, and the wine festival in Ierissos, on July 20. 

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