Trikolonion Country Arkadia



Located in the heart of Arcadia in the Peloponnese, the Trikolonion Country Luxury Hotel offers its’ guests a relaxing stay close to nature, as well as the warm feeling of the traditional Arcadian hospitality. Ideal accommodation especially for leisure travelers due to its location close to nature and the magical landscapes of Arcadia. Situated in the central square of Stemnitsa,  making it convenient for the hotels guests to access their accommodation easily.

Trikolonion Country Hotel is the coalescence of 4 impressive towers and stands for the combination of wood and stone unique aesthetics. Every little detail is characterised by supreme luxury which embraces the senses and creates a fine atmosphere for long or short escapes. The owners of the hotel can offer you a comprehensive proposal for a traditional accommodation created with love and devotion.

The Trikolonion Country Luxury Hotel Hotels rooms are designed to offer a comfortable and high quality accommodation. Functional & elegant, traditionally decorated, equipped with all the necessary amenities to satisfy our guests’ needs, and services that promise an unforgettable stay. The cozy design and the hotel’s amenities offer a homely sense of relaxation.

The day in Trikolonion Country Hotel begins with a delicious and fully nutritional breakfast made of fresh local goods, in the hotel breakfast hall. Healthy breakfast is served out, with selected, high-quality Greek products that are prepared with care so as to satisfy all of the guests’ needs and preferences!



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