Mammothfest 2022

From 08 July to 10 July 2022 · KAVALA

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Mammothfest 2022 is here! 8th - 10th of July 2022 at the Hills of Akontisma in Kavala!

Setting the gears in motion for the upcoming edition of 2022, we are extremely proud to present the first 4 bands on the bill. Arguably some of the most exciting acts out there, Green Lung, Above Us The Waves, Sasquatch and ΜΕΜΦΙΣ kick off the rollercoaster of announcements that will come in the following months, setting up a killer line-up!

Green Lung
Hailed as one of the new leaders in the global occult/psych scene, the British band have taken all proper measures in order to leave a permanent mark on the genre. Their 2 full length albums immersed in the lost tradition of mythical storytelling and abundant riffing have made quite the impression and expanded their touring cycle, especially since the commercial and critical acclaim of their latest "Black Harvest" record that rightfully set them apart in 2021.

The all-around respected veterans out of Los Angeles, CA are on another EU tour. Over a series of well crafted psychedelic dark rock albums, Sasquatch are celebrated for their performing atmosphere and top notch material, spanning 5 full length albums and numerous live shows around the globe. Their latest album "Maneuvers" presents a more concise expression of the band's vision, featuring unescapable hooks and deep cut groove. 

A dynamic band from Thessaloniki, with probably the most loyal fanbase the city has seen in years. This crew of veterans have made a name for themselves punching out aggressive alt hardcore with a melodic edge, honest and straightforward lyrics, casually smashing stages at every chance they get. 3 albums in, their course is at its most creative point, they are ready to spread their message of unity even further and form a stronger bond with anyone out there who listens. 

Above Us The Waves
One of the most talked about acts in the Greek contemporary metal scene, the 5-piece from Kavala have a full decade of recording and performing under their belts. Featuring a demo an two full length albums, all followed by energetic live shows all over Greece and to a number of European cities, AUTW never fail to present their unique blend of swedish/american metalcore as it was defined in the 00's, instantly recognizable by twin riff attacks, a versatile rhythm section and topped off by captivating vocal performances.  Mammothfest 2022 is here! 8th - 10th of July 2022 at the Hills of Akontisma in Kavala!

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15€ - 45€


From 08 July to 10 July 2022