Corfu Cooking class: An authentic private culinary experience


Immerse yourself in Corfu's culinary history and practices during this Live traditional cooking class. Prepare Corfiot dishes using local, fresh ingredients.

  • An unforgettable culture visit to the Corfiot Open – air Local Market – Shopping like a local
  • Tasting a cup of traditional greek coffee at Corfu's "Laiki Agora"
  • The tradition of Corfiot olive & private olive oil tasting.
  • Cooking class & lunch at a beautiful olive grove

Source: The Corfu Experience


The gastronomic tradition of Corfu is lost during the passage of the centuries. When Corfu was under Venetian control the Venetians influenced all areas of the daily life of the Corfiot’s and of course their eating habits, since why the Venetians brought new products, which the Corfiot’s “adopted” and created with them new recipes, which were adapted to the local gastronomic traditions. This kind of intricate mix created the famous Corfiot gastronomy, which is based on the Mediterranean diet including pure virgin olive oil and unique quality local products produced on the is-land as enriched with spices, many herbs but mainly with the love of Corfiot’s for food and cooking.

Cooking with friends according to the Corfiot tradition is a ritual, joy, celebration and requires the participation of all. The locals cook without any haste, as their food is simmered in the pot, scattering spicy smells all around. However, during the cooking, they sing, they chat, joke and drink ouzo or pure homemade wine. At a proper Corfiot meal the variety of food is always rich and includes many different recipes, an indication of the willingness of the people of Corfu to please their guests.

Gastronomy is widely known on the island of Corfu and constitutes a unique experience itself, if it is based on fresh products, authentic recipes, and much love.

We are going to experience the whole process of cooking together, from first to last, take part in it and understand the techniques concerning authentic recipes, passed down over many generations.

This lunch will be the most delicious and enjoyable in our lifetime for three reasons: it was prepared with Corfiot, virgin oil and fresh products picked from Corfiot gardens and cooked with much love, appreciation, and smile in the refreshing and rejuvenating countryside of Corfu.

Source: The Corfu Experience


1) Meet the Locals

An unforgettable culture visit to the Corfiot Open – air Local Market – Shopping like a local

Every market of Greece has it’s own story, but Corfu’s local open air market named is Greek as «laiki agora» has a completely different spirit, identity & aromas. With as you will have the chance to get under the skin of Corfu’s vibrant market & discover the authentic shopping and tasting local experience this island has to offer. During our visit we will have the chance to meet the host of fascinating local character, get a real taste of local life and also Greek fresh produce or handmade goods.

In Corfu’s open air market stands chock-full with seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, as well as fish and dried nuts. You will see the merchants taking over the city’s streets and welcome shoppers, who not only stock up on cheap and fresh food but socialize as they peruse the market. The Greek political leader Eleutherios Venizelos founded laikes agores in the early 20th century as an attempt to help local farmers sell their products at lower prices. Since then, the laiki agora has become an integral part of Greek society and culture.

Let your sense of taste and touch, combined with your culinary instincts, guide you to the most attractive seasonal fruits and vegetables!

2) Live like a Local

Tasting a cup of traditional greek coffee at Corfu's "Laiki Agora"

Our visit couldn’t end better by tasting a cup of traditional Greek coffee or a traditional spirit accompanied by the locals at the open air authentic coffee tables of Corfu’s local market. The process of the brewing greek coffee just before it starts bubbling with the aromatic liquid will take off this morning experience. Let your sense of taste and touch, combined with your culinary instincts, guide you to the most attractive seasonal fruits and vegetables!

3) Taste the Local Products

The tradition of Corfiot olive & private olive oil tasting.

Our destination is the shady garden of a house in the countryside, boasting a lovely olive grove, producing one of the most qualitative varieties of olive oil, which has won prizes in several international competitions.

Before starting cooking, we shall go for a relaxing walk and wander through the lovely olive grove and the local oil producer will let us know about the distinctive Corfiot olives and oil. He will happily inform us on this unique olive variety, being cultivated on the island of Corfu, introduce us to the well-kept secrets of a good oil producer as well as he will talk about the socio-economic and historical role that olives play in the life of Corfiot’s. He will also not forget to emphasize the healing properties of olive oil. Finally, we are going to visit an old oil press of historic significance and learn about how Corfiot’s produced oil in the past. At this atmospheric area next to the old animal-powered machines, we will enjoy a unique tasting of different types of olive oil.

4) Cook Traditional Recipes

Cooking class & lunch at a beautiful olive grove

The owner of the olive grove will guide us to his garden to see all the vegetables and herbs he grows, and we will fill our basket with all the things we need for our cooking for example tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, eggs, all fresh and delicious. During our walk at the estate, we will meet some chickens and ducks who will be enjoying their food, grazing freely in nature.

Let our cooking lesson begin.

We will wear on our cooking aprons and hats and with the instructions of the Corfiot cook we will start boiling the rooster, cutting the vegetables, frying the appetizers, mixing the pasta. None of them will be precooked, as we will cook all our recipes from the beginning to the very end, with virgin Corfiot olive oil and many fresh herbs. When our first appetizers are prepared, we will enjoy them while drinking an aromatic Greek ouzo or local wine.

The Corfu Experience menu

*Kneaded bread and bruschetta with olive oil, oregano, and thyme.

*A selection of cold cuts and cheese with dried figs

*Tzatziki sauce with olive oil and fresh olive oil

*Fried eggplants, zucchinis, and bell peppers

*Corfiot fried pork meat with spices.

*Greek and Corfiot salad

*Kokoras “pastitsada”

*Dumplings with honey, cinnamon, and walnuts

*Yoghurt with Greek “spoon sweets” (kumquat, sour cherry, fig, and quince)

*Fresh fruits

* Corfiot wine or beer, refreshments

The upcoming lunch will be the most delicious and enjoyable for the three following reasons: Firstly, because we cooked with pure virgin Corfiot olive oil and pure products of the Corfiot land, because we cooked in the refreshing nature of Corfu, but also because we cooked with much love, passion, and a lot of smiles.

The process of cooking in Corfu nature will be an enjoyable experience for the participants, who will be able to cook these recipes also back home for their friends.

Our meal is ready and the time for our food has arrived. We will all set the table together and as a large group, and as a family we will enjoy a unique lunch that we achieved to cook ourselves.

Good appetite!

Source: The Corfu Experience

What's Included


  • Local Food expert.
  • Lunch.
  • All expenses for the culinary experience (place rental, meals, private chef, purchase of kitchen utensils, products, cooking materials, and drinks).
  • Pick-up from and return to your desired place.
  • Luxury Mercedes bus (depending on the size of the group), glass roof, offering air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, leather seats, TV monitors, first-aid kit, and mini-bar (water, juice, and refreshments) throughout the tour.
  • Experienced & professional driver.
  • Tour Leader of “The Corfu Experience” Tourism Agency.
  • All rental and accommodation expenses for the places we visit.
  • All costs for each partner that offers services.
  • Entrance fees for museums and historic sites (when needed).
  • All coffee break expenses (snack, coffee, ice cream).
  • All taxes.

Not included

  • ONLY your own expenses concerning personal items, souvenirs or any other service you may choose.
Source: The Corfu Experience

Additional Information

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Source: The Corfu Experience


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