Vovousa Festival 2024

13/07 – 10/08/2024 · Vovousa

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Pindos, Epirus

The Vovousa Festival returns for a 10th year from 13 July to 10 August 2024, with a full programme that will delight both young and old visitors.

Focused on protecting the environment and promoting the local culture and natural beauty of North Pindos, the Vovousa Festival includes musical events, screenings, talks, performances, as well as activities such as hiking excursions and truffle hunting. This year, the festival honours film director Eva Stefani and presents the "Caryatis" photography exhibition by George Tatakis.


Source: Official Website of the Vovoussa Festival


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The festival's events are free of charge, while the prices of the activities offered vary.

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** Please refer to the event’s official website for possible changes to times and dates.** 


13/07 – 10/08/2024