"Iphigenia in Tauris" by Euripides

From 24 July to 25 July 2020 · Athens

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Epidavros Ancient Theater

Nayplioy - Epidayroy

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all performance dates are subject to change

Euripides wrote Iphigenia in Tauris in the aftermath of the destructive Peloponnesian War, during a period of crisis not unlike ours today. Following Clytemnestra’s murder, Orestes, pursued by the Furies, reaches the land of the Taurians, together with Pylades. He has been instructed by the oracle to steal a statue of goddess Artemis and bring it to Athens in order to redeem himself. Orestes is unaware that his sister, Iphigenia, is a priestess in the temple of Artemis, having been rescued by the goddess from the sacrifice for which she was intended by her father. What does being an exile, a foreigner and an outsider mean? Are there good deities and bad deities? How can one escape the present and one’s fate? How can one pave the way to a new future when everything looks out of reach? Inspired by the beauty of brotherly and sisterly love, Euripides reminds us of high values that are becoming extinct.

Yorgos Nanouris has chosen some of his closest collaborators for this production, which marks his directorial debut at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. A stellar cast of young performers is joined by popular singer Haris Alexiou. The artists will work together in an attempt to highlight the concepts and beauty of this unique tragedy in a substantial and effective manner.

Translated by Yorgos Ioannou
Directed by Yorgos Nanouris
Set design: Mary Tsagari
Costume design: Ioanna Tsami
Music: Angelos Triantafyllou
Lighting design: Sofia Alexiadou
Assistant director: Christina Mattheou
Assistant to the lighting designer: Aaron Wilson
Assistant to the set designer: Katerina Tzivelopoulou

Cast: Lena Papaligoura (Iphigenia), Michalis Sarantis (Orestes), Ektoras Liatsos (Pylades), Pygmalion Dadakaridis (Herdsman, Messenger), Konstantinos Avarikiotis (Thoas), Haris Alexiou (Athena)

Coryphaeus: Mary Mina, Kitty Paitazoglou

Chorus: Danae Politi, Mariam Rouchatze, Areti Tili, Anna Filippaki, Nikol Kounenidaki

Production To Theatro

As part of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2020. Translated by Yorgos Ioannou. Cast: Lena Papaligoura, Michalis Sarantis, Ektoras Liatsos, Pygmalion Dadakaridis, Konstantinos Avarikiotis and more

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From 24 July to 25 July 2020

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