Athens Art Core "Death in Athens"

From 13 March to 15 March 2020 · Athens

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Central areas of Athens

Athens ArtCore is a recently-formed association of artist-run spaces in Athens, with the goals of creating a network of support, advocacy, and collaboration, as well as raising the visibility of the value of these types
of independent spaces. In recent years Athens has seen a proliferation of alternative art spaces, joining the global trend toward artist-run, non-commercial initiatives, which provide an arena for experimentation and
innovation in the art scene that traditional galleries cannot.

In its first event, Athens ArtCore invites the public to a 3-day festival, to take place 13-15 March 2020, in which each space/platform will independently host a project under the common aegis of Athens ArtCore.

The festival’s title, “Death in Athens”, refers to Thomas Mann’s classic Death in Venice, and its themes of inspiration, creation, and the distinct relationship of the creative process to city and location. The novel
also addresses the Platonic theory of forms and how its legacy in Western traditions of art-making furnish disjunctures of idea and form, of signifier and signified. Death in Athens prods these themes for their
specific resonance within the Greek capital today. Each participating platform will address these themes with its own curatorial project. The full program of exhibitions and special events can be found here.

The following initiatives will participate:
A-Dash, APARÄMILLON, Athens Open Studio, Backspace, Come alone, Communitism, Domatio, FokiaNou Art Space, Institut für Alles Mögliche, KP Studio, NOUCMAS, One Minute Space, O Meteoritis, Phoenix Athens, Pow Wow, PS:, Sektor30, Snehta, The Athens Zine Bibliotheque, EIGHT, Yellow Brick, ZOETROPE.

Οpening Friday 13/3, 18:00-23:00
Closing party Sunday 15/3, 20:00-24:00

Note: the programme below is indicative. A 3-day festival in which each space/platform will independently host a project under the common aegis of Athens ArtCore.

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From 13 March to 15 March 2020

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