"The apaches of Athens" Gaziadis Brothers (1930) at Byzantine and Christian Museum

From 15 September to 16 September 2020 · Athens

Venue Details

Kentro Athinas

Byzantine and Christian Museum

Leoforos Basilissis Sofias 22

Restored in 2019 by the Greek Film Archive thanks to a donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, at the L’ lmagineRitrovataLaboratory, from a cellulose nitrate based film, with French intertitles.

Dimitris Gaziadis’ The apaches of Athens, with music by Nikos Hadjiapostolou, is the first Greek sound filmincluding singing (1930), which had been deemed lost for many decades. A copy of the film was found four years ago in the CinémathèqueFrançaise archive. It was a very important discovery, as it is the first Greek filmwith synchronized music and singing. The film was restored, for the Greek Film Archive, in collaboration with Céline Ruivofrom the CinémathèqueFrançaise, at the L’ImmagineRitrovata Laboratory, from this only cellulose nitrate based film copy, with French intertitles.

This historic movie, a valuable document of Athens in the 30s “is brought to life” once again under the auspices of Costas Gavras, as a result of the collaboration between the Greek Film Archive, the CinémathèqueFrançaise and the Greek National Opera. The film, starring some legendary figures of the Greek music scene, such as Petros Kyriakos, Mary Sayanou, Petros Epitropakis, Giannis Prineas, etc., has been an important and lost -until today- link in the history of early Greek cinema.

The restoration of the film’s soundtrack was made bythe Hellenic Music Centre.
Soundtrack adaptation:Giannis Tselikas. Musicological research: Giannis Sambrovalakis

The restoration was conducted thanks to a donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

Director, producers Gaziadis Brothers (1930)

Conductor: Anastasios Simeonidis

With the GNO Orchestra

Performers: Vera- Despina Skarlatou, Titika- Miranda Makrynioti, Prince- Konstantinos Klironomos

As part of the events "All of Greece, One culture" organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Conductor: Anastasios Simeonidis. With the GNO Orchestra. Performers: Despina Skarlatou, Miranda Makrynioti, Konstantinos Klironomos.

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The entrance fee of the archeological site covers this event for the public.

Reservation is required.
Bookings here: digitalculture.gov.gr/

Archaeological site entrance:
Full: 8€ / Reduced: 4€


From 15 September to 16 September 2020

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