Thessaloniki Urban city tour

Thessaloniki Urban city tour

Feel like locals and experience the lively pulse of Thessaloniki following the local leisure habits The people of Thessaloniki are known for their "relaxed" lifestyle, their rich social contacts and their friendly mood, but above all for their love of good food and fun. In this tour you will have the opportunity to get a taste of all this and really feel the aura of this city

At a Glance


  • Cozy Vibrant café: Drink your coffee ‘where and how’ the locals do
  • Wine and cheese tasting: Enjoy a series of top Greek wine labels paired with traditional cheese varieties
  • Boat trip on a cruise bar: Enjoy a drink on board at the mesmerizing night views of the city
  • Nightlife experience at Ladadika District: Experience the authenticity of this city and surrender yourself to the tastes and sounds of Thessaloniki's fancy nightlife.

What's Included

  • Cafe Bistro - 1 coffee or Beer or any other soft drink
  • Wine & Cheese tasting: 1 glass of local wine and a plate of a variety of local cheeses in the middle to share
  • Cruise Bar: 1 drink/ soft drink or cocktail at the boat bar
  • Ladadika District: Dinner (dishes of your choice on standard menus) & Up to 3 drinks (soft drinks or cocktails)

Additional Information

  • What is not explicitly mentioned as included in the above program.
  • Personal consumptions, in addition to those mentioned in the program
  • Over 18 years old
  • Any possible allergy or intolerance of the participant must be declared at the time of booking

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