View from Lycabetus hill in Athens

The road to democracy: The best of Athens in three days


  • Discover how Athens was transformed from a forgotten town in the shadow of the Acropolis into a modern city with a glorious ancient past.
  • Visit the city's greatest highlights: from the world-famous Acropolis to the many different neighborhoods, from working class enclaves to boutique avenues.
  • See Athens from a different perspective by hiking the historic hills of the Pnyx, Filopappos and Lycabettus, as well as exploring the National Garden.
  • Explore at your own pace, with the ease of mind that our customized app gives you: seamless navigation, local tips and suggestions, audio storytelling and the advice of our favorite guide Danae at each stop.

DURATION: 3 days
ACCOMMODATION: We have carefully selected boutique hotels and family-run guest houses in great locations, with lots of character. Below you can see some photos of the hotels we use in this trip (hotel selection is based on availability at the time of the booking)
CARBON: Neutral (We have offset the CO2 footprint of this trip to mitigate the impact on the environment)

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Explore a very old but modern city and see how it has evolved into one of Europe’s most interesting urban spaces.

Athens is Europe’s oldest capital city and a beacon of civilization, where ancient traditions, historical sites and contemporary culture all coexist harmoniously.

On this self-guided walking tour, you'll discover the all the treasures of Athens, such as the Acropolis, the Agoras, the Temple of Zeus and the archaeological remains of Kerameikos, the ancient necropolis. You'll also explore landmarks of recent Greek history, such as the Panathenaic Stadium, home to the first Olympic Games; Syntagma Square, the heart of the city; and the subtle beauty of Saint George, perched atop towering Lycabettus Hill.

In addition to the city's famous places and monuments, you'll also get to know the Athens of today: a bustling and inviting urban patchwork of neighborhoods with their own personalities and attractions.

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  • Day 1

    Syntagma- Kolonaki - Plaka I Heart of the city

    The day starts at the heart of Athens, historic Syntagma Square and Panepistimiou Avenue, with its stunning neo-classical architectural gems. Then we’ll explore Kolonaki, the inner city's wealthiest district, and Exarcheia, with its vibrant street and underground culture. We’ll see the Roman Agora and enchanting Aiolou Street as we venture through Plaka, the city's oldest and most picturesque neighborhood. We’ll end in the trendy district of Koukaki, home to wonderful bars and restaurants.

  • Day 2

    Acropolis - Metaxourgio - Monastiraki - Psiri I Urban labyrinths

    It’s impossible to find anything more impressive than the monuments on the Acropolis: the gleaming Propylaea, the graceful Erechtheum and the incomparably beautiful Parthenon. But the Ancient Agora of Athens was just as important to life in the ancient city. Nearby, the archaeological site of Kerameikos was the city's necropolis and its pottery district in ancient times. Psyrri was once home to Athens’ craftsmen and their workshops but is now a labyrinth of alleys lined with top-quality eateries and watering holes. We’ll pass the lively Monastiraki Square and nearby flea market on our way to gritty Metaxourgeio, a former silk-weaving hub and now a magnet for young artists. Finally, we’ll survey the city at sunset from Lycabettus Hill, the crowning peak of central Athens.

  • Day 3

    National Garden - Panathenaic Stadium - Hills of Athens I Up with the gods

    Get ready to run, as you head to the Panathenaic Stadium, built to host the first modern Olympic Games of 1896. Across the street, Zappeion park boasts beautiful fountains, tree-lined walkways and leads us into the National Garden, the former Royal Gardens and a cool haven of greenery graced with an abundance of exotic plants. We’ll pass the monumental Temple of Zeus, a spectacular Roman place of worship, on our way to Filopappou Hill, which overlooks the Acropolis and is crowned by the Filopappos Monument. The neighboring summit of Pnyx Hill was the site of the Athenian Assembly, where ancient democracy first took shape. It’s a fitting final stop to reflect on our exploration of Athens, its ancient history and modern influences.

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What's Included


  • Two accommodations at 4* boutique hotels
  • Two traditional Greek breakfasts
  • Customized trip app featuring:
    • thematic detailed itinerary & navigation
    • enriched content
    • audio storytelling & advice from a top-rated guide at each location
    • optional stops
    • local tips & points of interest
    • suggestions for tours
    • audio guided tours & activities
    • restaurant recommendations in each area.

Our rates are based on one double room per 2 people, one triple room per 3 people and one quadruple room per 4 people. In case your group has different requirements please contact us for a customized offer.

Not included

  • Car rental
  • Site entry fees
  • Meals
  • (Optional) local guided tours / audio guided tours / activities


  • Athens is a city to explore on foot, so the use of a car is not necessary and only adds costs and parking stress, as parking is not easy in Athens. You can use public transportation to get around easily. Should you wish however to rent a car please let us know and we will be happy to arrange it for you.
  • If you wish to arrange a private transfer from/to the airport or the ports around Athens, please let us know
Source: Back to the Routes

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