Jūratė Doveikaitė by Jūratė Doveikaitė

Why my heart beats faster in Thessaloniki…or “it’s never enough”

I love spirit of this city! It’s magic when you get out of plane and enjoy every minute of your stay, smelling “bougatsa”, oregano and some unforgettable smell of Greece in the air. Suddenly you feel like everybody waited for you here and finally you came! Ok ok, maybe not everybody, but taxi driver in the airport for sure did :) Every time I visit this city, I feel like at home. I call this feeling “it’s never enough”. Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. People are different in Thessaloniki, seems like smile comes from inside of them and hospitality is their national feature. White Tower, Ladadika, Aristotelous Square, Bougatsa, Gyros, Retsina (I love when a waiter secretly smiles after foreigner orders glass of Retsina), Bouzukia and much more..I wonder if I haven’t been greek in my previous life! Thessaloniki, you are NEVER ENOUGH!