Monica-Maria Marin by Monica-Maria Marin

Thessaloniki - LOVE at first sight!

It was the summer of 2010 when I first visited Greece. I was a student, beginning an exchange study programme in Thessaloniki. I always dreamt of visiting the legendary land of sun and infinite blue seas, and so it began, the greatest adventure I ever had! The city is a mix of so many interesting colours and flavours, I felt it calm and restless at the same time, traditional and modern, quiet and stormy …it was love at first sight! I felt so happy and blessed to have seen so many beautiful places welcoming people and great experiences. So I left Thessaloniki after 5 beautiful months, full of great experiences, memories and good friends, but not before taking a last photo at The White Tower, my favourite place in the city, and not before making a promise... I promised myself to return to Thessaloniki as many times as I could!