Harrison Craig by Harrison Craig

The Real Greece

The taverna at the port was alive with happy lunchgoers. We were no exception. Sailing works up quite an appretite, but unlike my fellow voyagers, I was more intent on taking in the sights than filling my belly. I began walking away from the port. Houses became fewer, and people were scare. Alone I walked through olive groves, down roads that no car had known. Aside from the occasional rooster, the only sounds were the whispers of wind and sea. My path ended at the water. A lagoon dotted with sailboats bobbing gently in the easy surf. A narrow dock brought me closer to the sea. I stood, closed my eyes, and let peace wash over me before diving in. This paradise introduced me to Greece. Unlike Santorini or Athens, Kos is unspoiled, undiscovered. The calmness, the beauty, the adventure of it all was like stepping into a fairytale.