Михаил Биджов by Михаил Биджов

The Greatest moment

It was a hot day and I arrived with my better half in The Capital Of Macedonia...As normal tourists we went sightseeing, we were really excited to see European ,Jewish,Byzantian culture in one place...The main square Aristotelus was like Venice with these birds such a lovely place...But this is not important. We were watching the sunset huging on Bul.Nikis I felt free and happy like a was a 17 again..The moment was the best to offer my love to marry me...At first there was silence ,but the answer was YES.All night we celebrated,danced,walk around the sea.This is going to be my second home because in that city I made my greatest decision ever...No matter where we going to go every summer at the 26 of July we will be in our Thessaloniki.The place where I became a man.