Silvija Acimovic by Silvija Acimovic

Serbian heart in Kerkira (Corfu)

It was a year of 2013. Beautiful spring and a beautiful news came to me from Belgrade. My pupil won the first place with her work of art. And what a joy when we found out that the reward is a trip to magic land of Corfu! In our dreams it was a place of great,both Greek and Serbian, history . But,the reality was far more beautiful than our dreams! When we saw the land of Corfu from our ship,like Noah`s arc carrying people from all over the world,we stopped breathing. It was beauty filled with sunshine! Old walls and stones were singing about love for my people,country and faith. The eyes of Greeks were full of love for us. The stories we heard,places of suffering we saw, all that left a deep mark in my heart. This is my opportunity to say ευχαριστώ πολύ!