Yucel Tanyeri by Yucel Tanyeri


We had travelled to Samos in the winter We had done a wonderful sight-seeing We welcomed 2016 in Samos and said we would come back again

We came back to Samos Exactly six months later With Danyal, my friend from highschool In the midst of the heat of June

In Samos we spent two nights Strolled around for three days We made our tour of the island With a rental car from Manos

Vathi, Kokkari, Karlovasi. Pythagorio, Prygos, Psili Ammos Posidonio, Mytilini, Manolates, All sites to be seen in one day

Narrow but clean streets, two-storey houses Shops for the tourists, with colored window-frames Lovely beaches, bluest seas Green forests, colorful flowers

Tourism is not really all that vibrant Restaurants and cafes wait empty in Samos Turkish tourists in low numbers Other foreigners even less