Mattias De Smet by Mattias De Smet

Please feed the cats

Hibernating in Greece allows you to discover touristic places from a different point of view. Rhodes was deserted, the skeleton of the magnificent old town presented itself with all the shops closed now. Cats made their home in the harbor, between the stone mills on the jetty, where a sign says “please feed the cats”. On a rock in the sea, an old lady is fishing, with hungry admirers licking their pawns for the next bite.

Even in Lindos, two men guide the donkeys up and down the town slope with regular intervals, luckily for the animals without payload. The last bus back to Rhodes seems to be the way to get the young people to town for the night. Girls dressed up to party dirty, with torn jeans, dark red lipstick, still keep a habit they can’t hide: making 3 cross signs upon passing a church.