Kristy Hodlik by Kristy Hodlik

New family, site visits, sea swims!

I’m a single mom. My daughter and I were intending to relocate to Rhodes last summer. Long story shorter, we had to take a ferry to Kos instead. We reacquainted with some people we had met there before, and met a lot of wonderful new people. I've never known such open kindness and help as we experienced there. One woman is my adopted sister now! As a graduate student of Classics with a passion for the Greco-Roman world, I adore Kos for the wealth of the Greco-Roman city mixed with the current. Pure joy! We had to return to America instead of relocating to Rhodes, but I work daily towards redirecting us to that goal. Each day back in America has been challenging as it is a difficult situation. We'd love, love, LOVE the opportunity to revisit Kos for the opportunity to visit our friends, the sites, and the sea.