Noemi Espinosa by Noemi Espinosa

My Big Fat Greek Story – Meeting the Greek boyfriend’s family in Thessaloniki.

Meeting the boyfriend’s family in Thessaloniki was the culmination of my trip to Greece two years ago. I felt so grateful that his family did not only accept me in their home but they have welcomed me like I was a part of theirs. Like a long lost family member who went on a big trip and have just recently returned home. The graciousness, the hospitality and the genuine love they showed me was remarkable. I have never felt so accepted by a family other than my own until I met them. Truly, the Greeks are beautiful people with warm hearts which will definitely make you fall in love with Greece even more and because of this, Thessaloniki will always be a favorite city of mine because my now husband's family lives there and I can't wait to see more of them.