Andrew Quintana by Andrew Quintana

Greece...Heaven on Earth

Arriving in MYKONOS , we took a tour to DELOs unique archaeological site and antiquity’s most sacred island. Arriving in Santorini to explore its unique capital Fira, simply breathtaking view over the caldera where we did an overnight in Santorini. We we able to see the Red beach and the black rock beach which were in fact those very colors. Arriving in Folegandros, one of the most amazing and less known islands in the Aegean Sea. Arriving PolLIEGOS - MILOS, which is a very small island known for its amazing beaches and its a truly unique island whose beaches are something completely different than any other Greek Island. Our final journey took us to my personal favorite Island, HYDRA. We had plenty of time at leisure to explore and watched the incredible sunset that offers that view like no where else on Earth.