Irina Leontyeva by Irina Leontyeva

Come to feel a good will of Zeus...

“Kalimera!” - greeting you locals with a big smile if only "catch" your glance. Crete, the island of gods and people! The gamma of 20 color hues – it is all charming sea! Steep coasts neighbor with wonderful beaches, and salty sea wind, intertwining with the smell of mountain herbs, spreads a heady fragrance. This is the land of Zeus, who protects the island and keeps its history, immersing in the atmosphere of legends and myths of the ancient Greece. Cretans believe in the goodwill of Zeus and mention him in daily life as a Master of Destinies! Through the ages, gods and people on this island live side by side. Dancing, singing, music, good wine and a rich feast brought up many generations of Cretans.