Daniel Kempf-Seifried by Daniel Kempf-Seifried

Astypalea, my little paradise

Kalimera, I never heard of Astypalea before until that specific day when somebody told me about it. And from this point I desperately wanted to travel there. When I arrived there with my girlfriend we didn't get disappointed. There were almost no Tourists in April and we had the beaches and the places for ourselves , so we could enjoy the sound of the Ocean and the noises of the wind. But the best were the local people. They gave us a warm welcome and let us feel that we are part of the big family. It was a great escape from the busy streets in Athens. Thanks to god that I could travel there. I will definitely be back. On the Photo you see the Chora of Astypalea at sunset, together with a bird and the moon. A magical moment that I will never forget.