around araxthos rivermont tzoumerka
Giorgio Comodo by Giorgio Comodo

Around Araxthos River

My first sight of this place was when i was young ...the flavour of the coloured trees in the spring...the smell of the rain within the valley ,the sound of the river crossing into my ears and fulfilling the terrace like a music were all of that unforgettable...As i was growing up i managed to explore the history,the civilization and the culture of the 'pure' citizens of Epirus.Only 30 kilometers from the city of Ioannina i entered the paradise of South Pindos so often.In the winter i was going to the monasterys and churches of 18th the spring i loved trekking in the forest in the middle of the dingle..

At the summertime i was thinking of freedom more...I was using the canoe and i jumped in the river Araxthos to feel the cold water in the heat of the summer. The best place for swimming ever..beside natural sources flowing into river ...and running the river down under plane trees. Entering the season of autumn i usually climbed to the top of 'Ksirovouni' to admire the yellow valley of Tzoumerka. The pictures so many... The moments eternally "graven" in my mind. That's West Greece.That's Epirus.