Sylvania Octaria Sinulingga by Sylvania Octaria Sinulingga

Amazing Temple of Olympian Zeus

From the Acropolis, the site looks tiny and not that interesting because it looks like only ruins that remain still. But from the entrace gate of the site, I already amazed on how magnificent the temple was. Closer to the object, I was running out ot words to express my feeling. Temple of Olympian Zeus was magnificent! With the view of the Pathernon on top of Acropolis, combined with beautiful blue sky...there I have the most beautiful picture in my camera. The temple is actually not tiny, it has very high pillars supporting it and even currently only left with 16 pillars, the object is still a magnificent one. It makes me wondering on how did people design and build such a marvelous object like this. What were inspired them backthen? However, this place was breathtaking and I hope one day I can come back again!