It all started with a tiny, barely audible squeak. The unmistakable call of a new-born kitten. And there, behind the yellow postbox on the pedestrianised corner outside the Discover Greece office, Odysseus’ call to be found was heard.

This is how Odysseus ended up at Piraeus port, sneaking between the feet of the soon-to-be passengers of the giant ship he was boarding. And so his real journey began.

The Greek islands spread out before him and, at each destination, he knew just how to sneak ashore and charm his way into the lives of the those many people whose holiday smiles he could recognise a mile away.

The sight of white-cubed houses sent a frisson down his spine and, if he thought the grilled sardine on the mainland was good, well this time he eyes almost rolled into the back of his head with his first taste of island-fresh grilled fish, as his itch was sated in a way he never imagined possible.


His itch is what guided him. He spotted a family strolling around a Venetian Castle and he just had to spend the afternoon with them. When he was hungry, he twitched his nose beguilingly at a retired couple sharing a seafood lunch by the sea, and he basked in the radiance of lovers sharing a seaside sunset when he was lonely.

When he felt playful, he bounded through the arms of a giggling girl trying in vain to build a sandcastle. And when the time came for a catnap, he would take his place at the foot of a sliver-green-leafed olive tree and the afternoon drifted seamlessly by.

Of course, each time the satisfaction lasted only until Odysseus’s itch came back again. His travel bug was incurable, but it didn’t bother him one bit. 

Images of Odysseas

He knew from his days padding around the Discover Greece office that there was so much more to explore. No discovery was like the last and each day brought colours and moods he had never felt before. He only needed to twitch his whiskers and let his blue eyes dance like the sunlight on the Aegean Sea and his adventures would start up all over again.