Mount Falakro in Drama

Acting true to life: A city whose film festival, primaeval forest and hospitable residents offer you a warm welcome

Despite its name, there is nothing stagey about the reception that awaits you in Drama. After you gaze up at Mount Falakro (Bald Mountain), allow the  hospitable locals to introduce  you to its attractions. In Agia Varvara park, bubbling springs flow into canals and ponds, watering ancient trees and reminding you of nature’s pure beauty. The watermills and tobacco warehouses of the past will return you to the innocence of yesteryear. Unpretentious and genuine, Drama will help you rediscover the simple pleasures during your holidays in Macedonia.

What to do in Drama

Kato Nevrokopi…chilling at... -200C
Every winter night the weather report in Greece lists the coldest places in the country and Kato Nevrokopi is invariably at the top, earning it the nickname of the Siberia of Greece. The wind freezes everything, the wood-burning stoves are constantly on but the people are warm and friendly. After all, the area’s other claim to fame, the local potato, loves the cold. Try some with the area’s delectable soutzoukakia, skewered spicy meatballs.

Karantere, a living monument
The view before you has  fairy tale written all over it; 70,000 hectares of vivid red fir forest on the Bulgarian border in Macedonia, some of the trees reaching as high as 60m. The locals call it Karantere, foresters call it an “authentic and unique” natural monument and for you, it will be nothing short of incredible.

Angitis cave and the underground river
Water flowing down the Kato Nevrokopi valley disappears into the ground for a dark and mysterious journey, only to re-emerge at this secret exit to resume its course down to the plain. You are at the mouth of Angitis cave. Partially unexplored, the  rare underground river  before you once watered a landscape inhabited by mammoths and rhinos.

Drama’s movie festival in Northern Greece
Every September, drama comes to, well… Drama in the form of the International Short Film Festival. Established in 1978, the festival brings cinema lovers from all over Greece and abroad and the proposition becomes even more attractive with the addition of photography, painting and sculpture exhibitions, book presentations, concerts and cinema workshops.

Images of Drama

Hidden gems of Drama

Dionysian rites
If you want to celebrate the rites like a local, come to the area during the 12 days of Epiphany. That’s when the local villages around Drama stage Dionysian rites involving all manner of costumes and masks, dancing, singing and giant bells.

Fraktou’s virgin beauty
How many places on the planet are still pristine? One of them is the primaeval forest of Fraktou in Drama. Listed as a natural monument since 1980, it is the most important of the three remaining primaeval forests in Europe  and the second largest in area.

The Pyrgos-Petroussa Gorge

In this corner of Northern Greece, you’ll take a majestic walk in the shade of two sheer rock faces. The gorge starts at the village of Pyrgos and unfurls  to where the slopes of Mt Falakro become practically vertical. It meanders some 12km between high rocks and dense flora and is a refuge for a wealth of wildlife species. An amazing experience.